Restaurant review: Joon’s Kitchen


We decided to grab dinner a little local korean restaurant in the Fairview neighborhood called Joon’s Kitchen.

Joon’s is located on Oak Street and west 15th avenue, occupying what was previously Kai Japanese Bistro. We has reservations for a Sunday night seating, but it probably wasn’t necessary, since there was ample seating when we arrived.

The restaurant still bears the aesthetics and feel of it’s sushi bar predecessor. The menu includes numerous sushi offerings as well as korean fare like bugolgi, japchae, and paejong.

The first item to arrive was a warm bowl of miso soup

which was quickly followed by the dolsot bibimbap with chicken

This was chopped chicken is marinated in a gochu-jang seasoning and stir-fried on a heated oiled frying pan with zuchinni, carrots, bean sprouts, and bak choy, with a soft boiled egg on top, served in a hot stone bowl. This was pretty good, although the stone bowl was not quite hot enough to develop a socarrat of crisp rice around the edges of the bowl.. That said, the chicken was nicely seasoned with sweet and savory notes, and the poached egg provided some richness.

next to arrive was our small order of la kalbi

this was beef short ribs (galbi) marinated in special sauce (salt, sugar, minced garlic, and asian pear pulp), grilled and served on a hot cast iron plate. This was pretty good, although not among the best offerings of kalbi that I’ve had.

And the last item to arrive was the spicy tofu soup with seafood

This is a spicy seafood soup with soft tofu and vegetables (zucchini, carrots, scallions), and a raw egg, served in a hot stone bowl. Unlike the bibimbap, the stone bowls purpose here is simply to keep the soup warm. The heat from the hot soup cooks the raw egg within a few minutes. This was my favorite dish of the night. It’s been a few years since I’ve had spicy tofu soup. I enjoyed the savory spicy flavor of the broth, and the shrimp and squid morsels therein.

The dining room is fairly warm and contemporary with alot of varnished wood finishes, and industrial style lighting (exposed ventilation and piping).

Although the furnishings and flooring are getting tired and are in need of a refresh.

Our server was courteous and attentive.

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