Restaurant review: Frankie’s Italian Kitchen

While going to the QE theatre to catch a Friday night show, we decided to grab a quick dinner first. I made reservations at Frankie’s Italian Kitchen at the Georgian Court Hotel. I wasn’t sure how busy the local restaurants would be on this night, given that there was Friday, and there was this show taking place. But since there were sporting events or other … Continue reading Restaurant review: Frankie’s Italian Kitchen

Street food review: Seattle Street Food Fest

For Food-Day Trip to Seattle, we decided to check out the Street Food Festival, consisting of some 40+ food trucks, and another 25+ tents lined up along Ninth Avenue near Denny Park. I spotted Delfino’s Chicago Pizza truck.  I’ve not sampled a “real” deep dish pizza.  I vaguely recall going to a greek restaurant in Vancouver during my college days, that served what they called a deep … Continue reading Street food review: Seattle Street Food Fest

Restaurant review: Anthony’s Hearthfire Grill

During a day trip to Seattle, we stopped for dinner at Anthony’s Hearthfire Grill by the marina.  Anthony’s is regional chain of contemporary upscale restaurants, mostly located on waterfront properties. The Hearthfire Grill features a prominent wood burning oven that plays a central role in the menu. The menu is an eclectic blend of fresh sheet seafood dishes, seasonal fruits and vegetables, and american regional … Continue reading Restaurant review: Anthony’s Hearthfire Grill

Restaurant review: Palamino

For a day-trip to Seattle to catch a matinee at the Fifth Avenue Theatre, we stopped for a quick lunch at Palamino. This is a chain of contemporary european bistro with locations in Chicago, Seattle, Bellevue, Cincinnati, Dallas, Indianapolis and Los Angeles. The restaurant is located on the upper floor of a small shopping center. We were seated immediately along the window, and we informed our server … Continue reading Restaurant review: Palamino

Restaurant review: Kitchen Table

The Kitchen Table is a pub on Yew street in Kitsilano, occupying the space that was previously the King’s Head pub. It still bears the old signage. Kitchen Table features an array of craft beers, and freshly made pub style fare like burgers, chicken wings, nachos, pizza, salads and soft shell tacos. We were seated upon arrival on the patio and offered our menus. We started … Continue reading Restaurant review: Kitchen Table

Restaurant review: Anh and Chi

On a lazy Saturday evening, we went to a new Vietnamese place on Main and 18th. Anh & Chi occupies the space that was previously Pho Hoang restaurant. The proprietors were the children of the previous owners.  But they’ve updated the space, making the food and service contemporary. The space was beautiful. It’s bright and airy, and modern.  There’s nothing there that suggests a south-east … Continue reading Restaurant review: Anh and Chi

Restaurant review: Belachan Kitchen

On a lazy rainy weekend, while downtown, we decided to stop for lunch in the Belachan Kitchen. This is a Malaysian & Thai restaurant on the second floor on Robson Street, occupying the space that was previously home to the Tropika. It was quiet on this day, so were seated immediately near the window. We started with a pork and chicken satay appetizer This is … Continue reading Restaurant review: Belachan Kitchen