Restaurant review: Anh and Chi

On a lazy Saturday evening, we went to a new Vietnamese place on Main and 18th. Anh & Chi occupies the space that was previously Pho Hoang restaurant. The proprietors were the children of the previous owners.  But they’ve updated the space, making the food and service contemporary. The space was beautiful. It’s bright and airy, and modern.  There’s nothing there that suggests a south-east … Continue reading Restaurant review: Anh and Chi

Restaurant review: Belachan Kitchen

On a lazy rainy weekend, while downtown, we decided to stop for lunch in the Belachan Kitchen. This is a Malaysian & Thai restaurant on the second floor on Robson Street, occupying the space that was previously home to the Tropika. It was quiet on this day, so were seated immediately near the window. We started with a pork and chicken satay appetizer This is … Continue reading Restaurant review: Belachan Kitchen

Restaurant review: The Crab King in Steveston

On a bright sunny weekend, we went to Steveston with the idea of getting fish & chips. But we sidetracked as decided to check out the Crab King.  It’s a casual seafood restaurant floating on the water, just off the shore in Steveston, a stone’s throw away from Pajo’s. The menu is a fairly eclectic assortment of seafood dishes, including oysters, clams, scallops, prawns, crab … Continue reading Restaurant review: The Crab King in Steveston

Restaurant review: Sekai Udon Bar

I went for lunch at Sekai Udon Bar, a japanese restaurant in Metrotown Center, on the ground floor near The Bay. This was previously another japanese restaurant, called Sui Sha Ya.  We arrived just before noon on a weekend, and were seated immediately.  Shortly after we arrived, there was a line of guests waiting for a table. The menu situation at this restaurant is a … Continue reading Restaurant review: Sekai Udon Bar

Takeout review: King Chicken

During my daily commute, I pass by this unassuming little fried chicken joint on East Broadway and Rupert called King Chicken. So on a lazy Friday evening, I decided to grab some takeout, rather than go home to cook. It’s a small family run place, apparently only open for a few months.  It’s a curios place, because besides the obvious fried chicken and french fries on … Continue reading Takeout review: King Chicken

Restaurant review: The Sandbar Seafood Restaurant

I love visiting Granville Island, it’s only of my favorite places in the city. But it’s so rare for me to visit the restaurants on the island. I’d never been to Sandbar, so today we’d address that by stopping in for a weekend lunch. Located under the Granville Street Bridge, on the pier over looking the water, Sandbar is kinda hidden, behind all the galleries. … Continue reading Restaurant review: The Sandbar Seafood Restaurant

Restaurant review: The Bibo (Kitsilano)

For a Sunday night family dinner, we met a The Bibo in Kitsilano (they also have a location in the McArthur Glen Outlet Center in Richmond). This is Neapolitan pizza and pasta place. We started with complimentary bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar It’s nice bread, with a good chewy crumb on the inside, and a hearty crust on the outside.  I would have appreciated it … Continue reading Restaurant review: The Bibo (Kitsilano)