Restaurant review: Co’M Vietnamese Restaurant


On a June weekend, we stopped for lunch at Co’m Vietnamese restaurant in central Richmond


This is relatively new establishment (open for perhaps a year).

Their menu was fairly expansive, beyond the ubiquitous phở, vermicelli dishes and bánh mì, to include curry dishes, stir fries,  vegetarian dishes, desserts, and a bar menu of colorful cocktails.


We arrived just after noon, and were seated immediately.

After scrutinizing the menu, we ordered chicken wings with butter garlic sauce


These are meaty chicken wings dredged and deep fried to a light crisp.  It was tossed in a savory butter sauce, and topped with crispy deep fried garlic slivers.

These wings were excellent.  They were hot, crisp and juicy.  They had a deep buttery flavor without being noticeably greasy.

Next arrived the Bánh Xèo Sàigòn


This is a rice flour “crepe” accented with tumeric (hence the yellow hue) seared to a good crisp in a hot skillet, stuffed with stir fried pork, prawns, crisp bean sprouts, and scallions.  It’s served with fresh south-east asian basil and lettuce, used as a wrap.

This was a good “crepe”.   The rice flour crepe was lightly crunchy.  The pork and the prawns were properly seasoned and cooked to the right doneness.  The bean sprouts were fresh and crisp. The lettuce greens and basil were fresh.

The restaurant had a huge dining room


It was quite spacious and bright, with sweeping windows and a contemporary decor and feel.  The tables and seating were well spaced out to facilitate social distancing (although the restaurant was not that busy at the time).

Our server was prompt and courteous.

Co'M Vietnamese Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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