I would have thought that most of these would go without saying, but it appears to be otherwise, out there on the net and blogosphere.  So here goes:

  • Unless I state otherwise, all my meals and food are paid for.  No freebies or complimentary food, no special discounts.  I never use my blog as a tool to seek an advantage.
  • My reviews are anonymous.  The restaurants and the servers do not know who I am, nor that I am a food blogger, nor that I will write a review of the experience.
  • All my reviews are about experiences within the last two months of the posting.  I will not write a review about an experience that occurred years ago.  Frankly, my memory retention is inadequate for anything more than a couple of months.  And besides, a restaurant can change a lot in a year (kitchen and serving staff can turn-over and ownership can change hands) completely altering a restaurant, making a review out-of-date and inaccurate.
  • I am willing to revisit a restaurant if I hear contrary opinions about a place that I reviewed, or if the establishment refreshes itself in some measurable way.

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