Takeout review: Sushi Flamingo


So I noticed a new sushi place opened up a few blocks from home (opened in November 2021).  Although there’s no lack of sushi in the Kitsilano neighborhood, I’m always game to try a new place.  Since it was close by, I ran down to grab some takeout for lunch.

This blog entry represents two different visits over several days.

At a glance, the menu is fairly typical for vancouver sushi joint.  There are a couple of distinguishing items on the menu, though, Sushi Flamingo offers some korean fried chicken

It’s a pretty small place, it might have seating for a dozen or so.

I ordered a trio of (inside out) maki sushi, to go.

This order was tuna & avocado roll (on the left)

california roll (in the middle)

dynamite roll (on the right)

And of course they were accompanied by a lump of wasabi, and some pickled ginger slices, as well as a couple of packets of shoyu.

These sushi rolls were quite good.  The vinegared rice was cooked to the right doneness, ad was lightly tangy, and the rolls were fairly generous with the fillings.  The tuna was tender and delicate, and the tempura was crisp.

On a second visit, I ordered some ebi mayo, which came with some miso soup

This miso soup was okay, it’s pretty standard, with little cubes of tofu, and fresh sliced scallions.  Its not overly salty, like some miso can be.

The ebi mayo (shrimp tempura with a sweet mayonnaise dressing), was crisp, and firm.

The mayonnaise dressing was lightly sweet and creamy, and it was sprinkled with some toasted walnuts for extra crunch.  I liked the walnuts.

I also ordered crispy roll

This is a tempuraed prawn with some imitation crab meat, and avocado in an inside out maki roll.  It’s dressed with several sauces, which seems to include a drizzle of sweet mayonnaise, a sweet teriyaki sauce, a spicy sauce, a tonkatsu sauce, and at least one other that I can’t identify.

Since this was a takeout order, I won’t comment on the service.

Flamingo might be my new goto place for sushi in my neighborhood.

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