Restaurant review: Marble House Eatery

We decided to go for dim sum at the newly opened Marble House Eatery on the second floor of Burnaby’s Crystal Mall. The restaurant occupies part of the space that was previously home to the Victory Seafood Restaurant. 


The restaurant does dim sum and cantonese barbeque during the daytime, and switches over to hotpot service in the evenings.

The barbeque butcher station is at the front of the restaurant.
We had reservations, and arrived a few minutes early. We showed the server our vaccination records as per the current public health guidelines, and we were escorted to our table.

We ordered a number of our favorite items from the menu, and handed the order form to our server.

We started with the steamed rice roll with minced beef and coriander.

These are flat noodles of rice flour (combined with wheat flour and tapioca flour), steamed, and served with finely minced marinated beef with coriander, and served with a side of sweet soy sauce. These were quite good. The noodles were the right consistency, and the beef was properly seasoned and cooked to the right doneness.

Next came the shrimp dumplings (har gow)

These are rice and wheat flour dumplings filled with minced shrimp, seasoned with white pepper and sesame oil, and steamed. These were okay. The flavors were good, but the I felt the wrapper were a little too soft. They broke apart fairly easily, which suggests to me that the dough was little too wet.

Then came the deep fried meat dumpling (haam soy gok)

These are balls of glutinous rice flour, stuffed with seasoned minced pork, and deep fried to light crisp. I was a little disappointed with the execution on this. The flavors were about right, but I felt the rice flour dumpling was a little thick, and so when it was deep fried, it came out a little too soft and toothsome, instead of lightly crispy.

I’m pretty sure we ordered the vegetable spring rolls, but I think something got mixed up, because we were served the shrimp spring rolls.

This whole shelled prawns rolled in a wheat flour wrapper, and deep fried to a light crunch. Granted it wasn’t actually what we ordered, but we accepted it anyways, and it was quite good. The wheat flour wrappers were quite crispy, and the prawns were properly cooked, and well seasoned.

Then we received the deep fried chicken wings.

This want what I was expecting. It is quite literally what was described on the menu card, but I was expecting that the wings would be dredged and deep fried, and tossed with salt, pepper and chiles, or something like that. Nope, just wings, marinated, and deep fried straight. That said, they weren’t bad. They had a decent flavor, and were cooked properly, but I expected more.

Next came the truffled pork and shrimp shui mai.

These are minced pork and shrimp stuffed in wheat flour wrapper, topped with a little minced black truffle and steamed before serving. I’m not quite sure when the trend of adding black truffle to shui mai started, but to honest, I prefer tobiko (fish roe). That said, this was pretty good. The seasonings were right, the dumpling was cooked to the right doneness, and the black truffle flavor was just enough to taste, but not enough to overwhelm.

The last item to arrive were the egg tarts. And when I say “last to arrive”, it was about 30-40 minutes after everything else arrived. That said, there were delicate and lightly sweet, and creamy. The pastry crust was more tender, than flakey.

The dining room was fairly large, functional and comfortable.

The service was fairly standard as chinese restaurants go, efficient, if somewhat slow toward the end. The server seemed a little more chatty as we grew impatient for our last dish to arrive.

Regarding pandemic health guidelines, the tables were not spaced out very far, but the servers were all masked. There was no visible hand sanitizers, but at least they were checking guests for their vaccination records at the door.

Marble House Eatery website

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