Takeout review: Reggiano’s Pizza

On a dreary Saturday, we decided to check out a new pizza place on Vancouver’s West 4th Avenue (at MacDonald Street) called Reggianno’s.

This casual place is currently set up as a takeout operation, but does appear to have limited seating (currently unavailable because of the public health orders during the coronavirus). They have pizza-by-the-slice available, as well as made-to-order

Their pizza is an Italian style thin crust pizza, but they also provide options to tailor to particular dietary needs (including vegan and gluten-free), as well as salads

We ordered their Garlic Bread Stix

This is large oval of bread dough (likely the same one used for making the pizzas), covered with a generous amount of mozzarella and baked. It was sliced in strips and served with some cups of garlicky sauce. This was quite good. The bread sticks were crisp on the bottom and around the edges, and the cheese was melty, stretchy and savory.

We also ordered a half-and-half pizza. One half was Siciliano and the other was Hawaiian.

This was an excellent pizza. Crust was crisp on the bottom from the edges to the center, with some decent blistering on the edges. The hawaiian half featured chunks of fresh pineapple and pieces of proscuitto cotto, topped with fior di latte (fresh cows milk mozzarella). The siciliano half is made up of chorizo, bacon, mushrooms, red peppers, onions, and parmesan cheese, all on a bed of san marzano tomato sauce.

To get a little technical, this is neither a neapolitan style pizza, nor a roman style, but somewhere in between. It has the crispness of roman, but the thinness of neapolitan. I’m quite pleased to have this place on the west side.

restaurant website: https://www.reggianopizza.com/

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