Restaurant review: Jo’s Italian Deli


In early February, we decided to visit the new location of Jo’s Italian Deli located on the corner of West Broadway and Alma in Vancouver (the other location being in Chilliwack).

Jo’s is a family run operation serving pasta, sandwiches, and espressos.  They also have a small grocery store with imported pastas and sauces.

Jo’s has a pretty casual set up, where customers line up, place their orders and prepay.  The server provides a buzzer to alert you when the order is ready.

The menu is fairly concise, a handful of sandwiches (proscuitto, salami, chicken & pesto, italian, etc), gnocchi & pasta (alfredo, rose, bolognese, etc), and some salads.

The display counter has a large selection of olives, and what appeared to be a chick pea salad, a artichoke salad.  The adjacent display case had some cookies, lemon loaves, and banana bread.

I ordered the regular sized meatball sub.

This is a small ciabatta loaf, split and filled with meatballs, and topped with a zesty tomato sauce, grated parmesan cheese, and a little parsley.  This was a pretty good sandwich.  The meatballs were well seasoned and properly cooked, and the tomato sauce was rich and savory with a pronounced basil flavor.  I kinda wish the ciabatta loaf had been toasted, but I’m kinda nitpicking.

My lunch companion ordered the regular sized spaghetti and meatballs

This is a generous serving of spaghetti, dressed in zesty tomato sauce, with a trio of meatballs, and a small slice of garlic bread.  This was pretty good pasta.  It appears to be made with dried pasta as opposed to fresh house-made pasta.  But the meat balls were (like those in my meatball sandwich) nicely seasoned and properly cooked.  The tomato sauce had a strong basil note, and there was a decent amount of grated parmesan cheese.  The garlic bread was nicely toasted with a garlicky aroma.

Both the sandwich and the pasta were made-to-order (as opposed to pre-made and reheated).  We mentioned that we might have to leave quickly, so the food was packaged as-if it was a to-go order, but as it turned out, we ate in the dining room anyways.  Otherwise, I think the pasta would have been served in proper pasta bowl, rather than an take-out container.

I asked our server about the signage that mentions fresh pasta and sauces, and I wondered if there would be possible to buy their sauces and fresh pasta so that we might cook it at home.  The server mentioned that this was coming in the future weeks/months, but they we’re quite ready to do this yet.    

The dining room is bright and airy, with minimalist decor, and with the tables well spaced out.

The service was fairly minimal, but the server was welcoming and pleasant.

There were bottles and hand sanitizer available, and masks were required until seated.  I didn’t notice any sign-up forms or record-keeping of contact numbers, but the tables were thoroughly cleaned between each seating.

All things considered, Jo’s food was pretty good.  Certainly I’ve had better, but most of those places are much more expensive, so I would consider Jo’s good food at a reasonable price.   I’m going to come back in the future when they have fresh pasta on the menu.

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