Restaurant review: Moon Cafe


On New Year’s Eve, we decided to check out Moon Cafe on Kingsway.  This is a “Hong Kong cafe”  occupying the space that was previously home to Ken’s Kitchen.  

From what I gather the restauranteurs had a different location before, and moved here in November/December of 2020.

Like many “HK cafes”, Moon Cafe has an expansive menu that covers simple cantonese cuisine (congee, noodles, fried rice, soup), as well as fresh seafood, sandwiches, salads & fries, and an endless range of combo offers.

We chose a 3 dish combination. As a dine-in combo, this includes a complimentary soup

This was thin pork broth with arrowroot. This was a pretty good soup. It had some depth of flavor, and a good amount of pork and arrowroot. The seasoning was right.

The first dish that arrived was their “golden crab”

Golden crab is a dungeness crab, segmented and stir fried, then tossed with disks of sliced of fresh rice rolls coated with a dust of powdered salted duck egg yolk. This was probably my favorite dish of the meal. The crab was cooked to the just the right doneness. The dusting of powered salted egg yolk provides some rich savoryness.

Tne next dish was stir fried beef and gailan. This is tenderized an marinated slices of beef, stir-fried with garlic, scallions, carrot slices and gailan. This was very good. The beef was tender and the seasoning of soy, oyster sauce and (I’m guessing) chu hou paste provides some savory umami notes, and the gailan was tender but still had a bit of a toothsome bite.

The third dish was singing chicken. This is bone-in morsels of chicken, dredged and coated in a seasoned flour and starch, and quickly deep fried, then tossed with stir fried onions, scallions and ginger. This was a good dish. The chicken was nicely cooked, and rich with aroma from the garlic, onions, scallions and ginger.

The last dish was a complimentary serving of house made char sui. This is marinated pork shoulder that’s roasted slowly and finished with a sweet glaze. This was a little disappointing. It was very lean, with decent flavor, but I thought it was a little over cooked (I speculate that it was previous cooked, and reheated in a microwave).

The service was actually a little better than average for a chinese restaurant (I’ll qualifying this by reiterating, I have a double standard for restaurant service; one standard for chinese restaurants, and one for everything else). It was efficient, and fairly amiable.

The space is quite large and clean, with the tables well spaced out, and the booth separated by plastic sheets. They seemed to be applying the current covid health standards recommended by the health department.

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