Restaurant review: Mahony and Sons


On a bright September Sunday, we decided to wander to Stamps Landing and grab some lunch at one of the pubs. We opted for Mahonys and Sons.

Mahonys rests on a pier jutting out over False Creek, surrounded by a marina.


I haven’t been to the Stamps Landing area since this restaurant was home to Monk McQueens.DSC_0028

In spite of the decidedly Irish name and decor, the food at Mahonys is pretty global.  There’s the expected chicken wings, nachos, beef dip, burgers and fish & chips.  But then the menu offers steamed shrimp dumplings (hargow), Sichuan chicken, thai yellow curry, salad bowls, and quesadillas.


We opted for the mahi tacos.  This is a normally three flour tortillas but we ordered on extra taco, topped with salsa, shredded cabbage, guacamole, minced scallions, finely minced cilantro and a spicy aioli.

There were good tacos.  The tortillas were lightly seared on one side, and the shredded cabbage was fresh and crisp.  The salsa was tart and fresh, and the mahi was lightly seared, properly seasoned, and cooked to the proper doneness.  The spicy aioli was not noticeably spicy.


we also ordered the nachos (added spicy ground beef)  This is a huge platter of crispy corn tortilla chips, topped with salsa, a blend of cheeses (cheddar and mozzarella), minced scallions, tangy sweet crema, and sauteed spicy ground beef.

These were pretty good nachos.  The tortilla chips were crisp and hot.  The cheese was warm and melty, and the salsa was fresh and tangy.  The beef was properly seasoned and mildly spicy, if a little oily.  Actually I thought there was more cheese than I like (I think you can have too much of almost anything).


Mahonys has what might be one of the most scenic patios in the city.DSC_0020

The service was very friendly and attentive, and (in light of the coronavius situation), the restaurant was properly adhering to health guidelines (hand sanitizers, name & phone numbers noted, tables spaced widely, servers were masked, etc).


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