Restaurant review: Two Rivers Specialty Meats and Eatery

While in North Vancouver, we decided to stop for lunch at Two Rivers Meats.

Two Rivers is a specialty butcher shop that supplies many of the restaurants around Vancouver.  Their retail store has a full kitchen, and some long table and counter seating.

The menu is fairly straight forward: burgers, roast chicken, grilled sausages, hot dogs, and a daily feature roast beast.  They also have some unexpected items like ramen, kale salad and charcuterie boards.  Not surprisingly, their menu features the same meat products that come their butcher shop.

Upon entry, customers place their order and prepay at the register and receive an order number.  Seating is available in at a pair of long communal tables, and a long counter that fronts the open kitchen.

There’s a tray of complimentary popcorn at the register

I ordered the burger with fries with a beverage


This is a patty of 65 day dry aged ground beef, cooked on a charcoal grill top to a medium-well doneness.  It’s served on a split toasted brioche bun with shredded lettuce, tomatoes, and house made pickles, topped with a dollop of mayonnaise.  It came with a side of crisp hand cut french fried potatoes and a cup of ketchup.

This was a fantastic hamburger.  I could really taste the dry aged beef, it was tender and juicy with a strong meaty flavor.

The fried potatoes were hot and crisp, and properly seasoned with salt and black pepper.
My lunch companion ordered the fried chicken drumsticks with the korean style glaze.

These were chicken drumsticks , dredged in (what I believed to be) a wet batter, and deep fried to a light crunch, then tossed with a korean style (gochujong based) sauce, and dressed with fresh scallions and sesame seads.

This was good chicken.  They were hot and crisp, and properly seasoned.  The sauce was sticky, sweet and spicy and salty.  Actually, I thought might have been too salty.  Granted, korean style fried chicken is normally considered “drinking” food, meant to be consumed with alcohol, so salty is normal and expected for this kind of dish, but I’ve had korean fried chicken elsewhere and this was saltier than most.
we also shared a side order of broccolli slaw

It’s matchstick cut brocolli stem, with slivers of carrot, and red cabbage, tossed with a little creamy dressing. This was a pretty good slaw; it’s fresh and crisp and slightly tangy.

On a second visit, I ordered the porchetta sandwich (which was a feature menu item)

this was thin slivers of roast porchetta, reheated on the cooktop, and piled high on top of a split toasted brioche bun, garnished with some slivers of pickled onions.  This was a pretty good sandwich.  There’s a huge serving of roast pork, and the pickled onions provide a nice tart snap to offset the fatty roast pork.  The pork was nicely seasoned.

Truth be told, Meat and Bread still makes the best tasting porchetta sandwich, but their serving has shrunk over the years.  This porchetta is a runner up, and if it had a little more cracklin crunch, it would come out on top.

What I like about Two Rivers is that they pay attention to details.  I expect that their kitchen puts out good meat dishes, and they do, but they don’t neglect the sides.  The fries are freshly chipped, double fried, and well seasoned.  The buns are fabulous tender and toasted brioche.  The coleslaw is freshly made and properly dressed.

The retail butcher shop has an impressive display of fine cuts of beef, pork, lamb, and chicken, house made sausages

Two Rivers Specialty Meats Ltd Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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