Restaurant review: La Pentola


On a Sunday evening, we had dinner at La Pentola in the Opus Hotel to celebrate a birthday. La Pentola is a northern Italian restaurant located one the ground floor, in the Opus Hotel in Yaletown.

We arrived a few minutes early for our 6:45 reservations, and were seated immediately. The reservations appeared to be unnecessary; the restaurant was not that busy.

La Pentola focuses on quality ingredients and house-made fresh pasta.

We started with the duck and radicchio salad
This salad is built upon a frisé with shredded duck confit, dressed in an agave vinaigrette, topped with pickled grapes, pecorino cheese, and a garlic crumb.  I love this salad.  There’s a wonder play of sweet, savory, bitter, crisp and tender.  The frisé and radicchio provide some crisp and slight bitterness, while the grapes were both tart and sweet.  The duck was tender, fatty and savory, and the agave vinaigrette added some more sweetness and tartness.

Next we had the linguine with seafood
this is freshly made linguine with sablefish, blistered tomato, sidestripe shrimp, chili, and bread crumbs.  This was a terrific pasta.  The linguine was a tender al dente, while the seafood was delicate and fresh.  The bread crumbs provided a little crunch, and there was a bold garlic and olive oil note running throughout the dish.  This was my favorite dish of the meal.

And we also had the lamb sirloin
this was a medium pan seared lamb, sliced across the grain, topped with mint verde, served with roasted potatoes,  asparagus, baby turnips, kalamata olive oil.  This was good lamb.  It was prepared to a nice medium, with a good sear on all sides.  I think it probably could have used a little more seasoning, but at this point, I’m kinda nitpicking, looking for something to criticize.  The asparagus (which was a last second substitution, because the kitchen was out of rapini) was tender and aldente.  The potatoes were beautifully roasted to a crisp exterior, and the mint verde provided some nice herby freshness for the lamb.

And since the reservation indicated we were celebrating a birthday, the restaurant offered a small complementary dessert of fresh macarons.

The room was rustic and warm and inviting.


Our server was friendly and attentive.

La Pentola - Opus Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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