Restaurant review: Le Petite Belge


With a cool October weekend, we decided to check out the new location of Le Petite Belge on Main street (the original location is on Robson Street).  It’s easier to find parking at this location, but it’s certainly a more, shall I say, adventurous, neighborhood.

Le Petite Belge is best known for their Brussels style waffles.


We arrived at about 11am on a Saturday, and the restaurant was pretty quiet.

Since the breakfast special was prominently displayed on the sandwich board outside the front door, I ordered that.


This started with a cup of americano.  This is a cup of espresso with hot water.  This was good coffee.


This was followed with a brussels style waffle, an over-easy egg and two strips of bacon.  Served with a small cup of maple syrup.

The waffle was light and crisp on the outside, and airy on the inside.

The bacon was cold, and more chewy than crisp.  At a guess, the bacon was probably baked in a large batch in the oven (since I didn’t hear any sizzling from the kitchen area).

The egg was nicely done, soft and tender.

This breakfast special was pretty good (kudos for the waffle, jeers for the bacon), and a tremendous value.

Le Petit Belge Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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