Takeout review: The Pie Hole (Kitsilano)


The Pie Hole is a local chain of boutique bakeries that produce small batch
artisan pies.

The Kitsilano location opened in spring 2019, on West 4th Avenue, off Burrard, adjacent the PetroCan station.



They have a range of sweet and savory pie offerings (including vegan and gluten free options).


I picked up a slice of the Fat Elvis Pie, and took it home to eat later.  It was the last slice of elvis, and it was an imperfect slice, so the server offered me a small discount.


This is a cold pie on a butter crust, filled with a layer of dark chocolate ganache, a layer of banana cream, and a layer of peanut butter whipped cream. It’s all topped with a drizzle of chocolate, caramel, and crushed peanuts.

This was a really good pie.  The crust was rich and tasty (but not especially flaky.  The use of all butter would explain this, as would the fact that it’s cold pie that’s been sitting in cooled display case for a few hours).  The banana cream is lightly sweet and luscious,   The peanut butter whipped cream is a good balance between light and fluffy, and just enough peanut butter.

The roasted crushed peanuts on top provide some good crunch.

company website


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