Restaurant review: Wang’s Shanghai Cuisine


On a cool snowy winter day, I met a friend for lunch at Wang’s Shanghai Cuisine, on Kingsway, adjacent the London Drugs pharmacy.

My friend advised me that the restaurant does not take reservations and fills up quickly, and we should arrive early.  It’s a tiny family run place, seating no more than 40


Their menu is pretty narrow.  It’s mostly Shanghainese dumplings and noodles.  So we had to sample the xiao long bao.


These steamed wheat flour dumplings are filled with minced pork and a savory pork broth.  Amazingly, this dish arrived within 2 minutes of ordering.  Since it would require more than 2 minutes to steam, these were not made-to-order.  But since it’s probably one of their most popular dishes, it was probably a safe gamble to steam it in advance since, it was near certainty that someone would order it.  These were good dumplings.  The wrappers were a decent thickness (or thinness would be the apt term).  There was a good amount of broth in the dumplings, and the pork filling was okay.  I think they needed a little more seasoning, though.

We also had the beef roll


This is a thin wheat flour wrapper stuffed with thin slices of braised beef shank and slivers of fresh cucumber, dressed with hoisin sauce.  These were good beef rolls, but they were cold, which is not wrong, but I prefer it served warm,

This was quickly followed by stir fried shanghai style thick noodle


These are thick wheat and egg noodles, stir fried with silvered pork and green cabbage, dressed with light soy.  These were pretty good noodles.  It was a large portion, and well seasoned and prepared to the correct doneness.

we also had a bowl dandan mein


This is a large bowl of thin wheat flour noodles served in a spicy broth with lean ground pork and ground peanuts.  Strictly speaking, this dish is of Sichuan origin, but it’s popularity spread to other parts of china.  The traditional Sichuan  variant would have minced pickled vegetable and a healthy dose of szechuan peppercorns, but there wasn’t any of that here.  There was a little tanginess, so there might have been some black vinegar in there.

Overall, in spite of all the variation, I really liked these noodles.

The room is about as utilitarian as you can imagine  Tightly spaced tables and chairs, with minimal decor and ambiance.

Overall, the food at Wang’s is good, their prices quite reasonable, and the service was blazing quick.

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