Restaurant review: Chewies Biscuit Co

On an autumn weekend, I decided to grab some brunch, and visited Chewies Biscuit Co. It’s a newly opened casual eatery in Kitsilano (on West 4th avenue at MacDonald St) that took over the space previously occupied by Raviolino.


Chewies Biscuit Co is under the same ownership as Chewies Oyster Bar restaurants (in Kitsilano, and in Coal Harbor).


It’s a concept restaurant where everything is served with or on a southern style biscuit, in both sweet and savory offerings.

It is a pretty casual place with counter service.  The customers ordered from the counter, received an order “number” like  this:


then grab a seat anywhere. Later, the server brought the order to table.

I ordered the “stoner” biscuit sandwich, and a side salad.


This was fried chicken breast with honey mustard sauce, served on a freshly baked buttermilk biscuit.


The biscuit was terrific.  It was lightly crunchy on the outside and soft and tender on the inside.  The chicken breast was a lightly crunchy on the outside, and properly seasoned.  The honey mustard sauce was more honey than mustard.  It was pretty sweet.

The side salad  was made from shredded red cabbage, kale, brussel sprouts, carrots, purple onion in a mustard based dressing.  The dressing was slightly creamy, with a fairly sharp mustard tang.


The salad greens were fresh and crispy with a toothsome crunch.  I thought the dressing could use a little more acid.

The servers were quite pleasant and friendly.

The dining area was bright and quite compact.  It got pretty loud in there when the room fills up.



On a subsequent visit with a friend, I had the biscuits and gravy with an add-on piece of fried chicken.


I’d never had biscuits and gravy before, so this was a first for me.  This is the same biscuit and the same fried chicken that I’d had on the previous visit, but instead of honey mustard sauce, here we have a savory sausage gravy.  Since it was a first for me, I can’t compare or contrast; I can only say it was pretty decent, but it wasn’t rewarding enough to me want to order “biscuits and gravy” again.

We shared an order of the “dirty fries”


These are double fried french fries seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic, topped with garlic aioli and slices of peperoncini and jalapeno peppers.  The fries were pretty good, but I thought it was over seasoned.  Too much pepper and too much garlic.

And my brunch companion ordered the “Davis”


This was a french toast-afied biscuit, with a sausage patty, and a sunny side up fried egg, drizzled with maple syrup.  The “french-toast-a-fying” of the biscuit made it soft (no more crunch on the outside).  But the sausage patty was pretty good, and the egg was properly done.




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