Restaurant review: Good Sushi on Fraser St


We were driving by and on an impulse, decided to try Penang Bistro, but it was full with a considerable wait. So we decided to give the sushi place next door a go.

It’s a new place, next door to Penang Bistro, and a about 5 doors north of Earnest Ice Cream. It appeared to be a family run operation, and had only been open for a few weeks (since May 2018).


It’s mostly japanese cuisine, but there is a number of korean dishes on the menu as well.  And we overheard the staff speaking to one another in Korean, so we figured it’s safe to assume that the korean dishes should be decent.


It’s actually a pretty expansive menu, with a wide variety of sushi offerings.


Since one of our party didn’t care for raw fish, we stuck with “cooked” varies like the unagi roll


This is an inside out sushi roll with a cooked fillet of eel, and cucumber, drizzled with teriyaki sauce.  It’s pretty good sushi.  The sushi rice is properly cooked, but I didn’t notice much tartness (from any sushi vinegar).  The eel is lightly grilled and sweet from the teriyaki glaze.

We also had a crunch dynamite roll


This is also an inside out roll, filled with tempuraed shrimp, tuna, avocado, cucumber, and drizzled with mango puree and topped with crunchy flakes of panko.  Much like the unagi roll, the rice was tender but not especially tart.  The shrimp was crisp, and the crunchy topping took it over the top. The mango puree provides some sweetness.

And we ordered some of the japchae


sweet potato noodles, spinach, shitake mushrooms, threaded carrots, beef, garnished with fresh minced scallions.  This was a terrific japchae.  The noodles were tender and had a depth of flavor, presumably from a stock used to infuse the noodle with extra flavor.  The beef was tender and sweet, garlicky and savory.  The minced scallions and the spinach provided some freshness.  It’s also a pretty big portion.

We ordered some KFC (Korean Fried Chicken)


This marinated boneless chicken dredged in a starchy coating and deep-fried to a light crisp, tossed with a sweet gochujang based glaze.  It was garnished with some crunchy fried onions and some fresh minced scallions.  This was pretty good chicken.  It’s meaty and cooked to the right doneness.  The batter was lightly crunchy and sweet and salty from the gochujang.  At least it was for the first couple of minutes.  After that, the sauce soaked into the crunchy batter and made it soft.

And just to get some greens, we ordered some of the Spinach Gomae


This was pretty good.  It’s cold blanched spinach, topped with a thick dressing made from ground sesame paste, mirin, soy, and sugar.  This was pretty good, but not particularly remarkable.


The room was still fresh and clean (since it was recently renovated).  It was spacious and bright.

The food portions were quite large, and the prices were pretty reasonable.



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