Restaurant Review: Osteria Savio Volpe

Last year, I took a cooking class (for roman style pizza) from a chef named Peter Cuiffa (aka Pasta Boy Peter) who mentioned that he worked at Osteria Savio Volpe. Since then, the restaurant was on my to-do list. So on a spring weekend, we went.

Savio Volpe (I think this roughly translates to “Wise Fox”) is a rustic Italian restaurant on Kingsway, just off Fraser street.  They focus on simple dishes, and seasonal ingredients including fresh house made pasta




We had reservations and were seated immediately upon arrival. It’s worth mentioning that we needed to book 3 months in advance for a seating during “prime time” (Friday or Saturday evenings betwen 6 and 9pm).

We started with the chicken liver toscana


This was a pate of grilled chicken livers, with garlic, wine and herbs, processed into a paste.  It was garnished with house made pickles, and several slices of crostini.

I ordered the Agnolotti


These were house made pasta pockets stuffed with quail, chicken & pork.  It was boiled, and tossed in a buttery sauce made from the roasting juices and black pepper.   This was a good dish.  The pasta was al dente, properly seasoned, and the meat filling was savory and rich.  The sauce was smooth and luxurious, with a bit of a lemony accent and the sharpness of the ground black pepper.

My dinner companion ordered the Reginette


This was a house made riginette (wavy ribbon pasta), dressed with sunday sauce, and sprinkled with fresh ricotta cheese.  Sunday sauce is a close cousin of neopolitan ragu sauce, except where the ragu would use a single cut of beef, sunday sauce uses a variety of meats and sausages.  In this case,  braciola, meatball, and a pork side ribs). This a really good pasta dish.  The pasta was al dente, and the sauce was rich and savory, and generously loaded with meat balls and braciola (beef roll).

And since it was my dinner companion’s birthday, she was treated to a complimentary citrus pavlova.


This is segments of orange and grapefruit that have been tossed in a sugary glaze, and layered on top of baked meringue with whipped cream.  It’s finished with some lemon zest and powdered sugar.  This was a nice bonus.  It’s a light dessert with a little crunch from the pavlova crust, and a soft chewy marshmellowy interior.  The citrus wedges provide a light tart touch.

We also ordered a cannoli


This is fried pasty tube, stuffed with fresh ricotta cheese (accented with citrus zest) and topped with powered sugar, cocoa, toasted hazelnuts.  This was a pretty good cannolli.  I loved the crunch of the pasty shell, and the cocoa and hazelnut accents, but the ricotta needed a little more sweetness.

The room is open and bright, and rather boisterous.  The decor fairly minimalist.

Our server was very pleasant and engaging, and happy to serve.

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