Restaurant review: Diva at the Met

My last dine out meal of 2018 was in Diva at the Met in the Metropolitan Hotel.

It’s been many years since my last visit to Diva.  It’s aged very well, they’ve done a good job keeping the place fresh and contemporary.

It’s spacious and bright, and modern.

This complementary bread came out of sequence (arrived between the entree and dessert). I’m sure this was unintended.

It was nice bread, with a nice chew on the inside and a bit of crustiness on the outside, but I wish it was warm, and it has black olives in it.  Not a huge fan of olives, but I liked the bread anyways.

My dinner companion had the fig pear and gorgonola salad for a starter

And I had the crispy pork belly

This is seared and roasted pork belly, served on a bed of pureed apples, cannellini beans, french green beans, and glazed with a reduced apple cider jus.  The pork was slightly crispy on the top, with it’s fatty & meat taste accented with the sweet and acidic jus.  The pureed apples provided a nice creamy contrast.

My dinner companion had the squash & cheese agnolotti for the entree.

And I ordered the arctic char

This is a generous portion of char fillet, pan seared, and served over roasted yellow and purple cauliflower, sauteed spinach, and smoked bacon served over a celeriac puree.  The char was beautifully done, delicate and moist, with a slightly crispy skin.  The seasoning was just right.

My dinner companion ordered the chocolate praline bar for dessert

And I ordered caramelized stilton cheesecake

This dessert is one of Diva’s signature desserts, originally courtesy of Thomas Haas.  It’s a intriguing dessert, just sweet enough, but combined with the slightly savory nutty and (for lack of a better word) pungent notes from the blue cheese.  It’s a little off putting at first taste, but my taste buds quickly adapted to it.  This turned out to be the highlight dish of my meal.

The service was very pleasant and courteous (with the notable issue with the late arrival of the complimentary bread).

Diva at the Met - The Metropolitan Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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