Seattle Street Food Festival: Nosh the Truck

On a warm sunny weekend, we drove to Seattle to take in the Street Food Festival along North 9th Avenue.

After wandering the length of the food festival, we settled on Nosh the Truck.



The drawing point for us was the fish & chips that we saw others carrying around the festival.


There was a pretty lengthy lineup (as with many of the food trucks) and rather than line up multiple times for each truck, we decided to get everything from Nosh.

The first item ready from our order was the meatloaf sandwich


This is a slice of oven baked sliced ground pork and beef loaf, seasoned liberally with garlic and thyme.  It’s served on a toasted split potato roll, topped with roasted tomatoes, sauteed onions, arugula.  It comes with a serving of red cabbage sauerkraut.

This was a pretty good sandwich.  The meatloaf is tender and moist, and slightly spicy.  The roasted tomatoes and charred onions are a nice touch, adding some sweetness and depth.

I didn’t care that much for the sauerkraut.  I’ve never been a fan of sauerkraut, so my assessment of this side dish is tainted.

So the main event was the fish and chips with minted peas


This is a large strip of cod, dipped in a thick seasoned batter and deep-fried to a crisp.  It’s served with french fried potatoes, minted mushy peas, and small cup of fresh tartar sauce.

This fish was very crisp, bordering on crunchy, but it seemed a little under-seasoned. The cod itself was tender and flaky, but not especially moist.  The chips were rather mediocre, they weren’t particularly crisp on this day.  I’m wondering if the high volume business during the event hurt the quality of the food.  The minted mushy peas were pretty good, they were cool and slightly sweet.  The tartar sauce was fairly mild (i.e. not very tangy).



It was a pretty crowded festival, and a gorgeous sunny day.

Nosh the Truck Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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