Restaurant Review: Top Gun J & C restaurant

The family went out to dinner at the Top Gun J & C restaurant (on McKim Way, off Garden City Road).  The motivation was to try someplace new (we tend to stick with our reliable favorites).  This time, because Top Gun was voted Diner’s Choice Best Cantonese Restaurant in the annual Chinese Restaurant Awards.

We arrived on a sunny Saturday evening, and the restaurant had just opened for dinner service.

We started with soup


This is a supreme broth made from pork belly, chicken gizzards, watercress.

This was a pretty good soup.   The supreme broth (a double or triple concentrated stock) is deep and savoury.  The soup ingredients were made available, along with a spicy soy dipping sauce.  This was also likely the most expensive dish of the meal.

Next came the barbecued pork jowl

This is marinated pork jowl, grilled slowly and brushed with a sweet soy and honey based glaze, sliced thin and served. This is a very good dish, the pork is lightly sweet, and has a springy texture

The pork was followed by crispy skin chicken

This is air dried chicken, lightly seasoned with five spice, and fried with cascading hot oil until done.  It’s butchered and served with crunch prawn chips.  This was very good.  The chicken was well seasoned, tender, and cooked to the right doneness.

Next was prawns with scrambled eggs

This is deshelled prawns, stir fried with garlic chives, and swirled with scrambled eggs, then folded gently until the eggs are fluffy.  This was a good dish.  The prawns are cooked just right, and the seasonings was just right. The eggs remarkably light and fluffy.

This is garlic pea shoots

This is fresh pea shoots, blanched, and tossed with stir fried garlic and a little chicken broth.  This was pretty good.  The greens were tender and al dente, and savory and aromatic from the garlic.

The always popular sweet and sour pork

This was chunks of tender marinated pork shoulder, dredged in a batter and deep fried to a light crisp.  It’s tossed with blanched green and red peppers. lychee wedges and a sweet and sour sauce.  This was pretty good.  The pork was tender on the inside and lightly crunchy on the outside.  The sauce was a good balance of sweet and tart.  I liked the addition of the lychee fruit.

Dessert consisted of red bean soup and gelatin with goji.

At this point I was pretty full, and I’ve never been a huge fan of red bean soup, so I only had a small taste.  The beans were lightly sweet, and the soup slightly chunky.  The gelatin is studded with tender coconut and goji berries.  Its very lightly sweet, and fairly firm.

The restaurant had recently completed renovation, and it still had a “new” feeling to it.  The space is very bright and vibrant.

The servers were quite attentive and pleasant (by chinese restaurant standards), and as expected, quite efficient.

Top Gun J&C Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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