Restaurant review: Haiyi Seafood Restaurant


We went to the Haiyi Seafood Restaurant in the Riley Park area of Main Street for dinner with the extended family.
Previously, this was the Golden Harvest Restaurant, and appears to be the same ownership and management as before, but renovated and re-branded.

We ordered a set menu which started with the Winter Melon Soup


This is a fish stock based soup, studded with cubes of winter melon, peeled shrimp, dried scallop and shredded chicken.  This was a pretty good soup, warm and savory.  The melon was surprisingly firm (I’m used to winter melon soup where the melon cubes that are quite soft).

Roast Squab

These are young squab, marinated with sugar and soy, then air dried, and seasoned with salt and five spice.  And (in spite of the name) flash fried with cascading hot oil, until crispy on the outside.

These roast squab were hot and crisp on the outside, and well seasoned, but I thought there seemed a little undersized.

Dungeness Crab

This is fresh west coast dungeness crab, segmented, dredged in a coating of starch (most likely tapioca starch), salt, and white pepper.  It’s blanched in a hot oil bath until partially cooked through, then tossed in a hot wok with garlic and a little bit of sliced chilies.  This was terrific crab.  It was hot, moist and tender, with tremendous flavor from the garlic and a little heat from the chilies.

Prawns and Gailan

This is shelled tiger prawns, stir fried with blanched gai lan, garlic chives, and carrots.  This was a pretty good dish.  The prawns were well seasoned, and was slightly firm.  The vegetables were “al dente” (if the term can be applied to vegetables).



These are pea shoots (the entire plant), simmered in a broth of  sauteed garlic and chicken stock.  This was actually pretty good.  The vegetables were nicely cooked, and the broth was fairly rich and savory.

Cod and Vegetables


This is ling cod, stir fried with garlic, ginger, celery, snap peas, and garlic chives.  This was pretty good.  The cod is flaky and delicate, with just enough seasonings.  The vegetables had a nice al dente firmness.

Fried Rice with Crab and Gailan


This fried rice combines crab meat, thin dollar cuts of gai lan.  This dish was just okay.  The crab has a mild a delicate flavor, and rice was lightly seasoned, but the dish as a whole was just one note.  It needed something else to provide more depth.

Pork Ribs


This is pork side ribs, tenderised, dipped in a batter, and deep fried.  It was then tossed in a stir fry with onions, scallions, and a seasoning sauce of (what I suspect is) Maggie sauce.

These ribs are meaty and tender, and pack lots of savoury flavor, but the batter became soggy within minutes.

Red Bean Soup


Dessert consisted of the ever popular red bean soup.  This is a thick bean soup made of sweet red beans, accented with dried orange peel.  I was never a fan of this soup, so it’s hard for me to give a fair critique of the dish.  That said, this soup was not particularly sweet.

Almond Cookies


These almond cookies were still hot and crisp.  They were lightly sweet, but not especially “almond-y”.


The restaurant was recently renovated, and still has a fresh feel to it.


It’s a decent sized space, probably seating close to a hundred diners.  The tables are fairly tight and there’s not much extra room (it could be challenging to get out of your seat if the restaurant is full).


The service was efficient and, by chinese-restaurant-standards, quite friendly and pleasant.


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