Restaurant review: Georges Taverna

On a cool sunny weekend, we went out to Gerry Point park in Steveston for the Ship to Shore festival. We wandered the fair ground concessions and food truck and found nothing of interest.

So we meandered into Steveston, but found every fish & chip place in the neighbourhood was packed with a lengthy wait for a table.  So we finally opted to visit George’s Taverna on Moncton Street.


We were seated soon after arriving.

The menu ran the range of classic greek restaurant items, souvlaki, greek salad, spanikopita, and so on.


We started with the kalamari.


This is squid that cut into bite sized pieces, breaded and deep-fried to a light crisp.  It’s dressed with a lemon wedge and sprinkled with raw onions.  It’s served with a cup of Tzatziki dip.  This was very good kalamari.  The breading is seasoned, and lightly crisp.  The squid is tender and delicate.  The tzatziki was think and creamy and garlicky.

Next was spanakopita


This was spinach and feta cheese, baked in a phyllo pastry wrap.  It also came with Tzatziki dip.  This was pretty good.  The spinach and feta cheese filling was smooth and savory.  The phyllo pastry wrap was flaky and crisp.

And we also ordered a roast lamb platter

This is slow roasted lamb shoulder served with greek rice, roast potatoes, and greek salad.  And yes, it comes with Tzatziki dip as well.  This was both good and bad.  The lamb was tender and rich and fatty (in a good way).  It was liberally seasoned with oregano and garlic.  I didn’t really care for the rice, but that’s mostly my asian bias…. I always feel like spanish and greek rice are grainy and seemingly under-cooked (relative to asian rice preparations).  The greek salad was nice, salty from the feta cheese, and lightly acidic from the dressing.  I didn’t care for the roast potatoes.  They were adequately seasoned, and tasted fine, but I found the texture lacking. I expect roast potatoes to have some roasted crust, but these seemed like there were steamed.  I’ll guess it was roasted in a huge batch, where only the potatoes on the top develop a roasted char (the potatoes buried underneath just end up steaming).

The room at Georges is very compact.  The tables are tight and decor is a very nautical theme (more so than Greek).


Our servers were mostly pretty good.  Polite and attentive, but non-intrusive.

The whole reason for this day was checking out the Ship to Shore Festival, so I had to take a couple of snaps of the ship.


This is the Kaiwo Maru, one of the largest tall sailing ships in the world.  I would have enjoyed boarding and touring the ship, but the boarding passes were sold out before I had even heard about the event.


I’m not sure what pirates have to do with this ship, but I guess it falls in line with the nautical theme of the day…. sort of.


George's Taverna Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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