Restaurant review: Joe Pizza


Joe Pizza is a new pizza joint in Gastown, on the corner of Carral and Cordova, where Rainier Provisions previously called home.


It’s a gorgeous space that pays homage to it’s heritage as the ground floor of the Rainier Hotel in the early 20th century.  It was inexpensive lodging for the myriad seasonal industrial laborers that came to Vancouver to find work in the lumber yards, ship yards, and construction.

Joe Pizza has a variety of pizzas premade on hand, as well as made-to-order pizzas, and salads, and soft serve ice cream.

We just wanted a quick bite, so we grabbed a salad and a couple of pizza-by-the-slice offerings.


This was the caesar salad.img_20170304_132445

It’s a little unusual, it’s a lightly creamy ceasar salad with torn romaine lettuce and arugula leaves.  The dressing features parmesan cheese and candied walnuts that give the salad a slightly sweet note.  I’m undecided whether I like this twist.

Their pizza was hard to categorize, it’s their own style.  It’s too substantive and bready to call italian style pizza, and it’s too crisp and airy to call it a north american style pizza.  It’s made from a well developed dough with a airy but lightly chewy crumb, like a focaccia.

This was the parma pizza.img_20170304_132430

It’s topped with parma ham, parmesan and and fresh arugula.

This was a feature pizza.img_20170304_132434

This pizza is topped with thick slices of salami, peppers, and lots of mozzarella cheese.

Of the two pizzas we tried, I preferred the parma.  The ham was crispy and wonderfully savory.  The feature pizza’s cheese was a bit heavy and I thought it overwhelmed the rest of the pizza.

The service is pretty minimal, the customers place the order at the front counter, and pay for their order immediately.  The server gives a card to he customer with a buzz word that identifies the order.  When the order is ready, someone calls the buzzword and the customer picks up the order.

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