Restaurant review: Chi Modern Vietnamese


Chi Modern Vietnamese is a new place on West 4th Avenue in Kitsilano.

As expected, Modern translates to fusion.  In this case, it’s Vietnamese cuisine taken upscale by combining with west coast cuisine, premium ingredients, and a nice full service bar.


We went with a the Canh Ga Chien


These are marinated chicken wings, dredged in a seasoned starch coating and deep fried to light crisp.  It’s drizzled with a thick glaze made from sauteed garlic, fish sauce, tamarind juice and sugar.  These are excellent wings. There’s alot of flavor going on in here, from the salty funkiness of the fish sauce, the sourness of the tamarind, and the sweetness from the sugar.  The chicken was hot and tender, and the right doneness.

And the Banh Xeo


So this is a vietnamese crepe.  It’s sauteed prawns, sliced pork, bean sprouts, inside a crepe made from rice flour.  The crepe is crisp on the outside, and seasoned with salt, white pepper and tumeric (for that yellow color).  It’s served with fresh south east asian basil, mint, and green leaf lettuce.  It comes with a side dish of nuac chom (a sauce made from lime juice, fish sauce and sugar).  This is a good dish.  The crepe is crisp, and the fillings are savory and cooked to the right doneness.


Since the restaurant had only been open for a few months, the room still looks very fresh and new.  It’s bright and airy, and contemporary.

Our server was very pleasant and genial, and quite patient with my obsessive questions.

Chi Modern Vietnamese Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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