Restaurant review: Fable Diner


It was a lazy weekend morning, and I decided to go for brunch. I’m not actually a brunch kind of person, but I enjoy it once or twice a year.

We decided to go to Fable Diner, on East Broadway, just west of Main street.
There was a line up outside, when I arrived, and we waited about 10 minutes for a table.

This particular space has been home to a diner for decades, but Trevor Bird (of Fable restaurant) took over the space, and updated it.  From what I saw of the original place, it was sorely in need of an update.


The menu is inspired by classic diner fare: burgers, sandwiches, salads, bacon & eggs, fried chicken.  But Fable adds the farm-to-table twist, and many of the dishes have an exotic flourish to them.

My brunch companion went with the roast duck pancake.  She asked the kitchen to top it with an over easy egg.


This is a pair of buttermilk pancakes, topped with shredded roast duck, crispy onions, scallions, Japanese mayo, and a little bit of kimchi.  This was hit-and-miss.  The pancakes seemed to have a little cornmeal or something else in it; it had a slightly heavy and crispy edge to it. Normally I love crispy, but not on pancakes.  I prefer fluffy and soft.  The Asian flavors of the shredded duck and kimchi worked quite well.  It’s a nice blend of mildly spicy, savory, and herby green (from the scallions).  The egg was nicely done, runny on the inside, and it oozed out and combined with the spicy kimchi nicely.

I ordered the heuvos rancheros.


This is a pair of crispy corn tortillas, topped with two over easy eggs, salsa, guacamole, refried beans, passilla sauce and garnished with cilantro. This was pretty good.  The tortillas had a nice sweet savory corn flavor, with a slightly crisp texture.  The eggs were properly done, runny and oozy once pierced, and a brilliant bright orange color (which I infer means they’re organic eggs).  The pico de gallo salsa was fresh and a little acidic from the tomatoes and lime juice, and the guacamole was smooth and creamy and cooling.  The passilla sauce was pretty mild but added some depth.

The space is bright and warm, but a little compact.  Everyone is packed in fairly tightly.

Our server was very cheerful and attentive, and all to happy to answer my pedantic questions.
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