Restaurant review: Frankie’s Italian Kitchen

While going to the QE theatre to catch a Friday night show, we decided to grab a quick dinner first.

I made reservations at Frankie’s Italian Kitchen at the Georgian Court Hotel. I wasn’t sure how busy the local restaurants would be on this night, given that there was Friday, and there was this show taking place. But since there were sporting events or other concerts taking place, no reservations were needed.    The restaurant was not that busy.

Upon arrival, we were quickly seated by the windows.



We opted to grab a bunch of appetizers, thinking we had the option to grab something to eat after the show if we were so inclined.

After we ordered, our server brought out some complementary bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.


This is nice foccacia.  It’s warm, crisp on the edges and tender and chewy on the onside.  It’s been brushed with olive oil and herbs.  The dish of olive oil was fruity, and the balsamic vinegar was sharp.


This is handmade ravioli stuffed with crab meat, prawns, served in a light lemon butter.  This was a little disappointing.  The pasta was al dente but the lemon butter sauce was very mild, it didn’t have much acidity or tang from the lemon.  The crab and prawn stuffing was fresh and briny, and cooked to just the right doneness, but I felt it needed something, either some sweetness, or some acidity.

This was the ARANCINI


It’s Sicilian risotto balls, deep-fried, stuffed with bocconcini, grana padano, and topped w with a fresh marinara sauce. These are good risotto balls.  They’re crispy on the outside, and the cheese is melted on the inside. It has a nice blend of savouriness from the cheese, acidity from the tomatoes.


This was the TOMATO & WATERMELON SALMON salad.
It’s cherry tomatoes, organic greens, cucumber, red onion, pecorino cheese, watermelon, dressed with a light apple cider vinaigrette, and a filet of seared salmon.  I found the salmon a little overcooked and dry, but I loved the salad. It’s sweet, savory and tart, crisp and refreshing at the same time.  The watermelon adds a wonderful sweet crisp texture.

The room is upscale casual, open and bright.


Our server was genial and pleasant and a delight to talk to, and all too willing to answer numerous questions about the food.

Frankie's Italian Kitchen & Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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