Restaurant review: Palamino

For a day-trip to Seattle to catch a matinee at the Fifth Avenue Theatre, we stopped for a quick lunch at Palamino. This is a chain of contemporary european bistro with locations in Chicago, Seattle, Bellevue, Cincinnati, Dallas, Indianapolis and Los Angeles.


The restaurant is located on the upper floor of a small shopping center.

We were seated immediately along the window, and we informed our server that were scheduled for a show shortly, and he informed us that the restaurant would be happy to expedite our order.


The menu is a blend of european dishes that span western europe but with an emphasis on italian cuisine.

We were greeted with complimentary bread and salsa


This is good foccacia, it has a nice crisp crust, soft on the inside with a nice crumb.  It was dusted with a little salt, and served with a small cup of chunky salsa.

The next item was the Caramelized Cauliflower appetizer.


This is roasted cauliflower, served over a  spread (that appears to be pureed fava bean spread) and topped with a herbed mascarpone cheese.  This is a fabulous appetizer.  The cauliflower appears to have been blanched until al-dente, drizzled with olive oil and then seared in a blazing hot oven (or torched).  Its served over a smear of fava-bean spread, and topped with a dollop of herbed mascarpone cheese.  It’s warm and savory with a subtle char and herby aroma and creamy richness.

We also ordered the Italian brick oven sandwich


This half sandwich is filled with prosciutto, salami, capicola, parmesan, asiago, arugula, basil pesto.  It comes with a side of french fried potatoes and we opted for the Portuguese sausage bean and kale soup.  This was a good, but not great, sandwich.  The bread is crusty with a nice chewy crumb, and the deli meats were tender and salty-savory, and the arugula, lettuce and pesto topping provided some nice green herby hit.  The fried potatoes thin and crisp but quite salty.

The soup was good.  The soup broth was thin, but had decent flavor, but the kale had very little flavor.  It was limp and I assume it simmered in the hot broth for quite some time.

Our server was very pleasant and eager to accommodate and please.

The room is spacious and bright, contemporary and elegant while still accessible.
Palomino Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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