Restaurant review: Kitchen Table

The Kitchen Table is a pub on Yew street in Kitsilano, occupying the space that was previously the King’s Head pub. It still bears the old signage.


Kitchen Table features an array of craft beers, and freshly made pub style fare like burgers, chicken wings, nachos, pizza, salads and soft shell tacos.


We were seated upon arrival on the patio and offered our menus.

We started with the caramelized onion flatbread


This is a freshly baked flat bread, topped with a garlicky cream cheese, caramelized onions and fresh arugula, drizzled with reduced balsamic vinegar.  This is an appetizer, and it’s pretty good.  The flat bread is actually not that flat.  It’s a fresh yeasted bread stretched out and baked…. and it’s a quite pillowy and soft.  The cream cheese is smooth and savory from the garlic and seasonings, and the onions are sweet.  The reduced balsamic vinegar is sweet and tart.

This was pacific cod tempura tacos


This is fresh cod in a crispy tempura batter, served on a soft shell flour tortilla with a fresh tomato salsa and a spicy mayo.   These are good tacos.  The tortillas are soft.  The fish is fresh and crispy and light, without being oily.  I would have liked the tortilla shells to pan seared or grilled lightly to give it a bit of char.

And we also had the free run chicken wings (salt and pepper)


This is simple chicken wings, dusted with flour or starch and deep fried to a light crisp, and finished with sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper.  These were just okay.  I liked the flavor, but found some of the wings just slightly dry (overcooked).

The Kitchen Table also features live entertainment on certain nights of the week.

Our server was very cheerful and pleasant.

We were seated on the patio, which is miminalist and comfortable enough. I didn’t go inside, so I can’t comment on the interior.




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