Restaurant review: Anh and Chi


On a lazy Saturday evening, we went to a new Vietnamese place on Main and 18th. Anh & Chi occupies the space that was previously Pho Hoang restaurant.


The proprietors were the children of the previous owners.  But they’ve updated the space, making the food and service contemporary.


The space was beautiful. It’s bright and airy, and modern.  There’s nothing there that suggests a south-east asian restaurant.  The interior could just as easily pass for an Earles or a Milestones. The expansive and well stocked bar and drink menu would support the more youthful and modern vibe of the restaurant.


The menu was largely classic southern Vietnamese, but it’s amped up with a west coast cuisine style presentation.

We started with the goi xoai


This was a cold mango salad, topped with herbs, mint, a light sweetened tamarind dressing, fried shallots, and roasted peanuts.  We opted for grilled prawns.  This was a wonderful salad.  It’s fresh and crisp with a light tartness from the dressing, and sweetness from the mangos.  The shallots and peanuts provide a crispy and crunchy texture.  The large prawns were fresh and grilled to a slight char.

Next the canh ga arrived


These are deep-fried chicken wings, dressed with butter and garlic, and topped with minced scallions.  It’s served with a small bowl of chili fish sauce, and some pickled carrots and daikon radish sticks.  These are nice wings.  They’re fresh, hot and juicy, with lots of savoriness from the garlic and butter, and a little freshness from the scallions.  The pickeled root vegetables provide some crisp tartness.

And lastly we had the cha gio


These are fried spring rolls filled with minced pork, threaded carrot, bean thread noodles and black mushrooms.  It’s served with fresh basil leaves, crisp fresh lettuce and chili fish sauce.  These were very good.  The rolls are crisp without being overly oily, and the fillings were savory and warm.

The service was very genial and attentive (well above the standard I hold most asian restaurants to).   Anh & Chi is bit pricier than other Vietnamese restaurants, does it with a flair and a standard of service that exceeds asian restaurant standards.
Anh + Chi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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