Restaurant review: Sekai Udon Bar


I went for lunch at Sekai Udon Bar, a japanese restaurant in Metrotown Center, on the ground floor near The Bay. This was previously another japanese restaurant, called Sui Sha Ya.  We arrived just before noon on a weekend, and were seated immediately.  Shortly after we arrived, there was a line of guests waiting for a table.


The menu situation at this restaurant is a bit overboard.  It reminds me of many hong kong cafes, where the four or five menus is common.


On top of the expected sushi, sashimi, udon, yakisoba, tempura, and bento boxes, they have some novel and innovative fare.  Like this for example.


This is a pork belly sushi slider.  It’s a slice of braised pork belly, sandwiched in sushi rice with lettuce, mayonnaise, and wrapped in nori.  This is was pretty good.  The pork belly is tender, with good flavor.  The rice is nicely done (neither too wet, too dry, nor under cooked), and wrapped in crisp toasted nori.  This was a pretty good appetizer, but I did find the mayonnaise a bit heavy.

Then came the sushi rolls


This was a feature roll (and I didn’t note the name, ugh).  This has salmon, imitation crab, avocado, cucumber sticks, mango slices, and wrapped in cucumber instead of rice.  This is a nice crisp roll, but a minor quibble is the lack of rice has the effect of making this a difficult roll to eat.  Each piece needs to be consumed in a single bit, because the cucumber wrap isn’t very flexible and doesn’t bind the rest of the roll very well.   And it’s a wide roll, so it’s bit challenging to get the whole piece in your mouth.

This was the sekai roll


This is an inside out roll, with unagi, smoked salmon, tobiko, avocado, lemon, maple syrup.  This was wonderful sushi roll.  The lemon nicely offsets the smoked salmon.  The rice was just right.  I’m not sure the avocado adds much to the roll.  Avocado has very little flavor, and it’s overwhelmed by the smoked salmon and lemon.

The service was pretty good, but nothing remarkable (either in a good way or bad way).

The restaurant is fairly new (having been renovated in the last 6 months), so it’s clean.  It’s a large space, probably seating close to a hundred guests.
Sekai Udon Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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