Restaurant review: The Bibo (Kitsilano)

For a Sunday night family dinner, we met a The Bibo in Kitsilano (they also have a location in the McArthur Glen Outlet Center in Richmond).

This is Neapolitan pizza and pasta place.


We started with complimentary bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar


It’s nice bread, with a good chewy crumb on the inside, and a hearty crust on the outside.  I would have appreciated it more if it was toasted, or otherwise served warm.  This bread was room temperature.

This was the child sized margherita pizza, ordered from the children’s menu.


It is a classic margherita pizza with DOP tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil, on a hand made pizza crust.

I ordered the boccone pizza


This is crushed tomato, fresh mozzarella, sliced eggplant, pepperoni, and scamorza cheese on a hand rolled pizza crust.

Both pizzas fit the label of Neapolitan style pizzas.  They’re well made, with a crisp crust around the edges, with nice leoparding on the bottom, a slightly chewy crumb inside, and soft in the center of the pie.  The toppings are high quality and fresh.  The mozzarella is creamy and stringy and slightly sweet. The tomatoes are slightly sweet and acidic, and the pepperoni is salty. This is an extremely good pizza.

This was the bruschetta sampler


This is an appetizer plate of grilled bread, topped with (respectively) crushed tomato, minced olive tapenade, porchini mushroom spread, and marinated zucchini.  In the past, I wasn’t a fan of tapenade, and I’m still not.  I found the marinated zucchini to be quite acidic (very heavy in lemon juice).  I liked the tomato and the mushroom spread though.  The center of the plate is a light salad of lettuce greens dressed with balsamic vinegar.  But overall, I found this dish just okay.  I don’t think I would order it again.

This was the gnocchi


Gnocchi are small dumplings of mashed potato, egg and wheat flour.   They’re treated much like pasta, in that they are boiled in water, and finished with DOP tomato, and fresh mozzarella, baked in a ceramic crock, and topped with fresh basil.

I did get a small taste of the gnocchi, and thought it was excellent.  The dumplings were soft and pillowy, the tomato was fresh and lightly acidic, and the cheese was soft and melted.

This is the ribeye steak


Its an aged rib eye steak, grilled, sliced and served with roasted potatoes, shaved grana padano cheese, and an arugula salad.  The rib eye steak was a little dry.  And its curious that it arrived at our table already sliced (not unheard of, but still unusual).  We wondered if it was sliced too soon, so all the juices bled out before it was plated.

This was the Italian Flag appetizer.


It’s an arugula salad, a generous servicing of fresh burrata cheese, sliced hierloom tomatoes, and several slices of bruschetta.

This was the veal scalloppine with mushroom


This is tenderized pan seared veal cutlets, topped with a mushroom sauce, and served with grilled vegetables and roasted potatoes.

Since I did not taste the veal, nor the “Italian Flag”, I won’t comment on them.

The room is spacious enough to seat 50-60 diners. It’s warm and comfortable, with a simultaneously rustic and modern feel.

I found service was disappointing. Our server was somewhat cold and distant, and when we complained about the dry steak, she took the dish into the kitchen, and returned to inform us that it was too late to do anything.

BiBo Pizzeria con Cucina Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Steph says:

    That looks AMAZING. Shame about the service.

    1. mingchin says:

      The pizza and the pasta were very good, and make this place worth the visit. But yeah, the service was weak. Actually its comparable to the service at a hole-in-the-wall chinese restaurant. :-p

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