Restaurant review: Good Choice Restaurant


For a Sunday night family dinner, we went to Good Choice Restaurant on Fraser Street at West 44th Ave.

This is a casual (mostly) cantonese chinese restaurant with an expansive menu, that includes dim sum in the daytime.

But we were here for dinner, and we ordered a la carte from the regular menu

We started with Sweet and Sour Fish

This is a medium firm white fish (basa, I think), dredged in seasoned starch and deep-fried to a light crisp.  It’s topped with sauteed onions, pickled vegetables, and a sweet and sour sauce made from ketchup, and pickling juice.  This was pretty good.  The fish was delicate and tender, with a mild flavor.  The batter was lightly crisp with good seasoning, and the vegetables are a good balance of crisp and tender.

This was followed by Beef & Brocolli


This is tenderized beef stir fried with garlic, blanched broccoli florets and carrots. This was pretty good.  The beef was tender, savory, with good seasoning, and a pronounced “wok-hei” flavor.  The vegetables were the right balance of crisp and tender.

Next was the Shirmp and Eggs


This is prawns stir fried with scallions and scrambled eggs. This was pretty good, but not quite what I was expecting.  The prawns were nicely done, and the flavors were right (good seasoning), but I was expecting the eggs to be more runny.

And we finished with Sizzling Singing Chicken in a Claypot


This is stir fried bone-in chicken with pork liver, chinese sausage, onions, ginger, scallions, garlic.  It’s garnished with fresh cilantro. The flavors were good, with lots of aroma, and savory tones, but I found the dish disappointing because of the over abundance of liver, and lack of chicken.  Or rather, the lack of chicken meat.  What chicken was here, was mostly from the back, meaning alot of bones, and not alot of chicken meat.

Dessert was Sweet seaweed soup


At this point, I was pretty full, and barely had a taste of the soup.  It was very warm and sweet, but not overly so.  The seaweed had some spring and texture to it, so it wasn’t over cooked.

The service was okay, about all that can be expected from a chinese restaurant (minimal and efficient).

The room is a little cramped, and rather minimalist.

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