Restaurant review: Miku Restaurant

I met the family (and some friends of the family) for dinner a Miku on a Friday evening.  I’d patronized their other restaurant,  Minami (in Yaletown) earlier this year, and thought well enough of it that visiting Miku seemed the next step.

The restaurant is located on the waterfront, near Canada Place and the Fairmont Waterfront hotel.  It occupies the space previously home to Aqua Riva.

The space is enormous, easily hosting over a hundred guests, with fabulous views of Canada Place and the cruise ship terminal.  The interior has an elegant zen like decor.

We had reservations, and upon arrival, we were immediately escorted to a dining space in the farthest end of restaurant.

We started with an appetizer of deep fried Calamari

This is tenderized atlantic squid, dredged in seasoned flour and starch, deep fried to a light crisp, served with pickled cucumber and picked beets, and a tosazu (a bonito flavored rice wine vinegar) sauce. This was very good.  The squid was tender, the coating was crisp and seasoned nicely.

This was followed by Jidori Chicken Nanban

tender marinated boneless chicken, lightly battered and deep fried to a slight crisp. Tossed in a sweet and sour soy, served with tartar sauce and a basil citrus cabbage slaw. This was fabulous.  The chicken was amazingly moist and flavorful.  I’m divided on the tartar sauce, it seemed like an odd pairing with fried chicken.

This was followed by a soup called Dobin Mushi

This is poached sable fish, prawns, scallops, clams in dashi broth, served in a ceramic tea pot.  It’s a good soup, with alot of deep savoury broth, and seafood that is fresh and delicious, and cooked to precisely the right doneness.

Since Miku is known for it’s sushi, we had to go with several varieties, starting with the King Roll

This prawn tempura, crab, cucmber, sweet chili aioli, topped with tobiko

Red Wave Roll

This is crab, avocado, wrapped in red tuna, and masatake sauce (soy, onions, garlic and sesame oil).

Miku Roll

This is crab, cucumber, wrapped in salmon, topped with tobiko and Miku sauce (I couldn’t tell you what’s in it).

Aburi style Saba Oshi Sushi


This is one of Miku’s signature sushi, its pressed sushi using flame seared mackeral, topped with a miso sauce.

The server mentioned that, while no shoyu nor wasabi was provided, it would be available if requested.  Miku’s exemplary sushi chefs create flavor combinations that are delicate and palatable, and the use of shoyu and wasabi are unnecessary.  This was some excellent sushi.  The rice is cooked to the right doneness, lightly vinegared, topped with fresh quality seafood, and intricately prepared sauces that add enough flavor to dispense with the soy and wasabi.

And for those disinclined toward raw fish, we also had the Lambchops

This was a very good lamb.  I had a small taste of one chop, it was tender and cooked to a medium doneness.  It had some good seasoning, and a beautiful char, and was topped with a rich herb salsa.

Saikyo Miso Baked Sablefish


This is roasted miso glazed sable fish, served in a dashi broth and a yuzu foam, with braised vegetables.  I had a small taste of the sable fish, which was tender and delicate, and lightly savory.

For dessert, we had Spiced Winter Trio

This is a ginger yam cheesecake, carmelized banana sambuca macaron and brown butter sorbet

Chestnut Pear Mont Blanc

This is a chestnut mousse, orange gateau, fig icecream, pear cream, and a yuzu-orange salsa.

These desserts were both good, but not especially remarkable.  Perhaps I should rephrase that.  It’s hard to pick something out as note worthy, because it’s a little confusing.

These desserts are complex.  There’s alot going on with each plate; each dessert has multiple distinct elements, and while none of them were bad, none were good enough to stand out either.  I admit, I tend to favor simplicity over complexity, and I think there’s too much happening on these dessert plates.  I think I would have preferred taking either one of these plates, cutting half the elements off, and doubling the portion size of the remainder.

The service was as attentive, patient, and pleasant as any restaurant could be.  Our servers were all to happy to explain the menu items and describe the dishes as they arrived.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Benjamin says:

    Excellent review of Miku! Congratulations you’ve tried one of Vancouver’s best sushi restaurants!

    The food looks delicious, doesn’t it? Making me hungry at 1 AM. As you mentioned they are known for their aburi sushi.

    I wonder how your family reacted to you photographing the food before eating. Was it a little like this?
    (though thanks for doing so for your readers).

    – Benjamin

  2. Benjamin says:

    The soup sounds delicious and nutritious: “This is poached sable fish, prawns, scallops, clams in dashi broth, served in a ceramic tea pot. It’s a good soup, with alot of deep savoury broth, and seafood that is fresh and delicious, and cooked to precisely the right doneness”

    I am curious if they use MSG in their seasoning to make it so good though I have heard from reading about momofuku that bonito is in a sense a form of natural MSG. They are trying to make the same thing with pork lion and apparently it’s quite premium food. (I think their test kitchen is in Vancouver too)

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