Restaurant review: Victoria Chinese Restaurant


Family dinner at the Victoria Chinese Restaurant on Melville street in downtown Vancouver. This restaurant had been closed for years, and finally reopened in the August 2015.

It’s a welcome return, since there are so few high-end chinese restaurants in the downtown peninsula these days..

We started with Mushu Pork with mandarin pancakes.


This is stir fried slivered pork tenderloin, wood ear mushrooms, shredded cabbage, carrot, and seasoned with soy, sesame oil and sugar. It’s topped with threads of scrambled egg.

It comes with eight or so mandarin pancakes and a small dish of hoisin sauce.   The pancakes are an unleavened wheat flour flat bread, rolled very thin, and cooked on a low temperature flat top just until cooked.

This was a good dish.  The pork was still tender and had decent meaty flavor, with the right about of savoriness.  The pancakes were tender, but firm enough to hold the pork filling without tearing.

This was followed by lemon Chicken


This is pieces of boneless marinate chicken dredged in egg-white & seasoned flour and starch.  It’s deep-fried to a slight crisp, and served drizzled with a thickened sweet lemony sauce.  This was a well executed dish.  The chicken is tender and cooked to the right doneness.  The deep-fried coating is well seasoned, and slightly crisp.  The sauce was a good balance of sweet and tangy.

Next came the Peashoots with mushroom and crab sauce.


This is blanched tender peashoots, served topped with a sauce made from sautéed straw mushrooms, egg white, Dungeness crab meat, and fish stock. The peashoots were tender and fresh.  The sauce was unfortunately underseasoned.  It needed more saltiness.

Stir fried fish served in a clay pot


This is a pieces firm white fish (rock cod, I think) dredged in a seasoned starch, deep-fried quickly to a light crisp.  Slivered white onions, scallions, and ginger are stir fried in wok then tossed with the fish with soy, and served in a hot clay pot.  This was a good dish.  The fish was cooked through, aromatic and savory.

Dessert consisted of Sweet bean soup


This is a slightly sweet soup made from sweet yellow beans.  This was pretty good, not too sweet, with a lot of texture from the beans, but I’m actually not a big fan of sweet bean soup (of any variety), so it’s hard for me to provide a meaningful critique here.

The service was okay, probably slightly more attentive than most chinese restaurants, but otherwise efficient and largely impersonal.

As the room was recently renovated, it’s quite bright and clean, and neither too crowded, nor noisy.  The chairs are cloaked with a fresh deep red cover.

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