Restaurant review: Nice Cafe


On a given lazy weekend morning, an not inclined to cook, we decided to go for brunch/lunch. We decided to go to Nice Cafe.


This is the textbook definition of a local hole-in-the-wall cafe. It’s kinda in the middle of nowhere, on the 100 block of East 8th Avenue, just off Main Street in Vancouver, in a light commercial/light industrial area. We arrived just before noon, and it was a full house.  We had to wait 15 minutes for table.

The menu consists of breakfast items like bacon & eggs, hotcakes, eggs benny, omelettes, pancakes… and light lunch items like sandwiches, burgers and fries.

I went with the omelette with spinach & mushrooms, with a side of hash-browns.


This is a three egg omelette filled with wilted spinach, sauteed button mushrooms and onions.  The side is shredded russet potatoes seared to a light crisp.  It’s garnished with a little finely chopped scallions.  This is a very good omelette.  The egg is thin and light, and the fillings are fresh, well seasoned, and generous almost to fault.


The hash-browns are terrific.  They are fresh, seasoned right, crispy on the outside, but the potatoes are tender on the inside.

My brunch companion went with over easy fried eggs, with sausage, hash-browns and toast.


I’m not a big fan of brunch, but this may make a convert of me.  This was one of the best old-school brunches I’ve had in a long time, and a tremendous value as well.

The room is a bit compact.  Probably seats 30 or so, and the tables are fairly close together to get as many people inside as possible.  The decor is pretty minimalist, a little tired and in need of refresh. It looks like this place hasn’t substantially changed (aside from a period fresh coat of paint) in decades.

The servers were quite attentive and friendly, if a little overwhelmed.  When this place is busy, it is very busy.
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