Restaurant review: Pepper Lunch


I decided to try the “Pepper Lunch” on Number 3 Road, just off Westminster Highway, near the London Drugs.

This is a quick serve restaurant franchise that originates from Japan, and has several hundred locations in Asia.

Upon arrival, I was greeted with a hearty chorus of “Irashai!” from the front of house staff.  I was fortune enough to arrive during a quiet hour, and there was no lineup to been seen.


I placed my order (a Beef pepper rice lunch combo with miso soup and a beverage) at the front register and had a seat.

Within seconds, I was presented my bowl of miso soup.

It was okay.  It’s savoury and studded with cubed tofu and fresh sliced scallions

Within a couple of minutes, the rest of my meal arrived. This is actually the extra beef pepper rice meal (about 50% more beef than the regular serving)


This is raw thinly sliced marinated beef, served on a sizzling hot cast iron skillet, with a mound of white rice, topped with niblet corn, scallions, and a peppery brown butter sauce.  The heat from the iron skillet sears and cooks the sliced beef in a matter of seconds to minutes.

I waited until the beef charred a little on the bottom before mixing the rest around. This is pretty good.  This is probably a middling cut of beef, and was a little tough.  Perhaps I overcooked it.

The corn seems more like a garnish than anything else.  It doesn’t add much to the dish, it’s actually overshadowed by the heavy black pepper and butter flavors.

Aside from the thinly slice beef, other menu options include salmon, chicken, hamburger, steak, and prawns.  The slice beef is of the more affordable menu items.

I might come back and try one of the other menu items at a later date.  But not if there’s a line up.  It’s pretty good, but not good enough to wait a long time.

Pepper Lunch Canada Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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