Street food review: Wakwak Burger


This food cart started as a nameless truck trailer serving really inexpensive burgers in the downtown area. For the first half-year or so, it was only known as 2.85 Burger, because that was basically their menu.

Since then, the trailer has earned some graphics and a name. Now known as Wakwak Burger, their prices have increased a little, and the menu has expanded.


The menu now includes the original burger and cheese burger.  But now they have fried potatoes, and a menchi-katsu burger.  That appears to be a breaded and fried pork patty.  And it looks like a chicken burger and kobe beef burger are eventually on the way.


I ordered the cheese burger.



This is a lean beef burger (it appears to be previously frozen) griddled on a flat top, topped with melted processed cheese, served on a toasted soft white bun with a few leaves of iceberg lettuce and a slice of tomato.  The bun has a smear of mayonnaise and a teriyaki sauce.

This is an okay burger.  It’s really just your basic fast food restaurant cheese burger with the twist (teriyaki sauce).  That said, it compares pretty favorably with any fast food burger.  I would order this again if I happened upon the truck, but won’t make it a must-try destination (I feel the same way about Japadog…. it’s pretty good, but it’s not worth making a special effort).

Since it is a food truck, it’s not fair to comment on the service or the atmosphere.

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