Take out review: Cafe Loyal


Cafe Loyal is a small hong kong style cafe in a small strip mall on the corner of Bridgeport road and Number 5 road in East Richmond.


Cafe Loyal is a cross a hong kong cafe and a shopping center food court establishment.   This place serves the kind of cuisine that is typical of a hong kong cafe, but instead of table service, the patrons place their order at the register and receive a number.  When the order is ready, a server calls out the order number, and the patron goes retrieves order.


I ordered the baked pork chop on rice.



This is a tenderized and marinated pork loin chop, dredged in seasoned flour and starch, and deep-fried to a light crisp.  It’s then chopped into length wise pieces, served over fried rice, spooned over with a tomato bechamel sauce, with sauteed onions and button mushrooms, and baked in the oven before serving. This was pretty good.  The pork chop was tender, well seasoned, and had good flavor.  But the crispiness of the fried coating was already mostly gone by the time it arrived at my table.  The fried rice underneath was also pretty good, with decent flavor, not too dry or too wet.  The tomato and bechamel sauce was a little disappointing, it was sufficiently savory.  It was lacking seasoning or flavor of some kind. A little acidity would have been good.

This order took an unusually long time to come out of the kitchen.

Although this establishment has seating, and is technically a restaurant, it’s more like a mall food court establishment, in terms of the kind of service provided.  As such, the service is about a minimal as it gets, and in fact, because of the level of noise in the dining area, it was hard to hear the orders being called out when they came out of the kitchen.

The room is large enough, well spaced out, and quite clean, probably because it’s still a fairly new establishment.

Judging by the website, I get the sense that this business has aspirations for franchising or licensing it’s business concept.

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