Restaurant review: Corduroy Restaurant


tAs is typical with me, on a Friday evening, I have no fresh food in my refrigerator, with which to prepare dinner, and on a warm summer night, I wouldn’t want to cook anyways, so I took this opportunity to try out a local place. I’d heard good things about Corduroy, a small establishment on Cornwall Street, not far from Kitsilano beach.


This is a small neighborhood joint, probably seats thirty to forty, emphasizing simple fare, prepared from organic ingredients.  For the most part, I would call it gastropub fare.


The untreated wood finishing on the walls, tables, plus the wall decor of antlers, snow shoes, and trapping gear seems to imply a very rustic lodge out in the wilderness.


We started with the arugula salad, with add-on chicken breast.


This was an arugula salad with blue berries, candied pecans, goat cheese, and grape tomatoes, dressed in a raspberry vinaigrette.  And we requested the optional chicken breast on top.

This was pretty good salad.  The peppery arugula was fresh and crisp, the candied nuts provided some sweet crunch, the tomatoes and the vinaigrette provided some nice acidity and tanginess. The chicken was pretty mild, I’m not sure if it was roasted or poached, but it had very little additional flavor or seasoning of its own, it could have used some more salt at least.

And we also ordered the organic smoked bacon pizza.


This is a (approximately) twelve inch hand rolled pizza with a whole wheat rosemary crust, topped with cubed bacon, goat cheese, pear slices.  It’s baked, then drizzled with a sweet reduced balsamic vinegar.



This is a very thin, cracker like crust.  Crisp, and able to hold the weight of the toppings without too much support. I couldn’t really taste much of the rosemary.  I liked the combination of flavors for the toppings.  The smokey savory bacon, with the sweetness of the pears, the tang of the balsamic vinegar and the creaminess of the goat cheese.  If you favor a thin crisp pizza, this is very good.  I like a pizza crust with a little more airiness to it (not necessarily bready, but something that is obviously yeasted.  This crust felt like it was unleavened.

As previously mentioned, the room is small, and very rustic.  It’s clean and not overly crowded.  In spite of being “primetime” on a Friday night, the restaurant was not especially crowded.

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