Restaraunt review: East is East (on Main Street)


“East is East” is an eastern fusion restaurant with locations in the Riley Park neighborhood of Main Street, and in the West Kitsilano portion of West Broadway. The menu combine dishes that originate from Afghanistan, India and Persia.



The room is very rustic, using wall hangings and decorations that allude to the middle east.


Upon sitting, the server offered some complimentary chai tea


I’m generally not a big fan of chai tea, so I can’t really say if this was a good or bad example of it.


The server brought  a small tray of sauces to compliment the pending entrée.  This consisted of cups of tamarind sauce, mint and yogurt, and a cilantro pesto.

The entrée we ordered was eastern roti rolls


Roti is a unleavened whole wheat flat bread that originates from India (in contrast to naan, which is yeast leavened).

This dish came with two roti wraps.  The first was the “silk road” (miso salmon in mild green Thai curry)

and the second was “Persia’s favorite” (lamb kabob with spinach and basmati rice).

The salmon in the “silk road” was nicely prepared.  It was cooked to the right “doneness”, properly seasoned and the aromatic flavors of the green curry came through.  The lamb in “Persia’s favorite” was tender and properly seasoned, with some good lamb flavor.  The spinach provided some decent green flavor. The roti wrapper itself was tender with a decent chew and flavor.

This was accompanied by a side salad of Baby spinach, greens, avocado and sprouts with hempseed pesto dressing.  This was a fresh crisp salad, and the dressing was surprisingly good (I say surprising since I had no previous experience with hemp, and didn’t know what to expect).

The other cup was Dhaal Soup, consisting of three different kinds of lentils, cauliflower, spinach, herbs and spices.  I’m generally not a big fan of dhaal, but this was actually pretty good.

Our server was very pleasant and genial, and was very happy to explain the dishes and ingredients to us.
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