Restaurant review: Tony’s Fish and Oyster Cafe


Generally, if I’m at Granville Island and I’m thinking fish n chips, I make a bee-line for Go Fish Emporium by the wharf. But on this occasion, I decided to try Tony’s Fish & Oyster Cafe on Anderson Street, by the Theatre Sports auditorium. This place has been on Granville Island for a long time, but I hadn’t patronized it in probably six or seven years. I’m sure the ownership has turned over several times since. It appears to have undergone a reno or two in the interim as well.  It was a full house upon arrival (midday on a weekend), and I had to wait 5 minutes for a seat at the bench.



The menu looks more or less the same.  Fish & chips, clam chowder, fried oysters, mussels & fries, calamari.



I went with the classic 2 piece cod & chips.



So this is two cod fillets, dipped in batter and deep-fried to crunch, served over a mound of crispy hand cut fried potatoes.  It comes with a side of cole-slaw and a cup of tartar sauce.  The fish is fresh, and the batter is airy and very crunchy indeed, one of the crunchiest I’ve ever had. I’m pretty sure this is a rice flour (or a rice flour blend).  But it is a little light on seasoning, the batter could use some more salt.  Likewise, the fried potatoes are crispy (some bordering on crunchy) and a little light on seasoning.  At least each table has a small condiment tray that includes salt, pepper, malt vinegar and ketchup.  Because the fried potatoes and fish were served in a wax paper lined straw basket, the wax paper doesn’t absorb oil, so a thin pool of oil formed on the bottom.

The cole-slaw was pretty good, consisting of shredded green and purple cabbage, slivered carrots  It was fresh, and probably more sweet than tangy.

The tartar sauce was okay…. not sure, but I don’t think it was house made, it tasted industrial.


Tony’s is a small place, probably seats about 25.  The decor is pretty simple and rustic, and a little cramped.

My server was pleasant helpful and prompt.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. mnidel says:

    Hey MC – just read the write up on Tony’s Fish and Oyster Cafe … great read … can you tell me approximately the pricing on the Cod and Chips you had and did they have Halibut as well, and if so, did you notice the price?

    1. mingchin says:

      the 2 piece cod & chips was $12.99, plus taxes, etc
      Halibut was on the menu, did not remember the price, but I’d guess it was ~$3 dollars more.

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