Restaurant review: Mui Garden

Mui Garden is a local chain of Hong Kong style cafes, with a little bit of a malaysian influence. This stop was in the Main Street location in the Riley Park neighborhood.



As with many HK style cafes, they have an expansive menu that covers north american influence dishes like sandwiches and ham & eggs, to cantonese comfort food like congee and stir fried noodles.


We decided to grab a “combo” off the lunch menu, and a “snack.

The combo includes a large bowl of soup.



It’s a decent soup.  There’s some good flavor in the broth and it’s a generous serving size.

This combo featured a malaysian influence stewed brisket.


This is cubes of brisket beef that are seasoned, browned and simmered in curry coconut sauce for hours until the beef is soft and tender.  It comes with a side dish of rice.


This curried brisket is, as I understand, one of Mui Garden’s signature dishes, and with good reason.  It is really good.  The beef is fork tender, and well seasoned.  The curried coconut sauce is rich and thick and savory, but with very little heat.  There are cubes of potatoes in there as well, and they too are tender, and permeated with the same flavor of the curried coconut braising liquid.

We also ordered some fried chicken wings with fries potatoes as a “snack” item off the menu.


This was four chicken wings (no drumettes), seasoned, dredged in (probably) starch, and deep-fried to a golden crisp.   The wings were nicely cooked, and had some decent flavor on the inside, but I couldn’t help but think it needed something else on the outside.  Some extra seasoning in the dredging, or tossed with some garlic and chilies….  The fries were okay, pretty sure they are the frozen variety… they needed salt.

The room is spacious and reasonably clean, but very tired and in need of a refresh.

The service was, actually a little slow… by the standards that I use to measure chinese restaurants.  Given that the restaurant was fairly quiet at the time, I would have expected more prompt service.

Mui Garden 梅園粉麵茶餐廳 on Urbanspoon

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