Restaurant review: Sliders


Sliders is a relatively new place on West Broadway, near Cambie, across the street from London Drugs.

It’s a casual place where you can get your burger, fries and a shake, but with a little twist.


Upon arrival, you place your order at the counter, and pay for your food, receiving a plastic table marker with your order number on it.  Find yourself a seat, and when the order is ready, a staff member will call your number.


The menu is a nice mixture of sliders (miniature hamburgers) with something to meet many a craving… from the basic hamburger, to pulled pork, grilled chicken, jerk chicken, pork belly, cheese steak, porchetta, fried fish, fried oysters, and a number of vegetarian options (like chickpea fritters, grilled mushrooms, and cauliflower patties.

To go with the sliders are a selection of side dishes like french fries, poutine, coleslaw, green salad, etc.

I started with Mixed Green Salad


It’s a blend of crisp fresh red leaf lettuce, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, shredded carrots, pickled onions, dressed with either of House made buttermilk ranch and sun-dried tomato vinaigrette.  I chose the sun-dried tomato vinaigrette.   This is a very fresh, crisp salad, but it was very light on the dressing.  I could barely taste it.

My first was Sliders Original Beef


Shortrib-chuck-brisket beef patty, grilled on a flat top.  It’s topped with aged cheddar, slider sauce, pickles, hickory sticks, served on a soft lightly toasted brioche bun.  This was a pretty tasty burger.  The ingredients are quite fresh.  The burger patty is properly seasoned.  The pickles provide some tang, and the hickory potato sticks have some nice crunch.

My second slider was an Oyster Po’boy


 Cornmeal crusted oyster, deep-fried to a light crisp, served on the same lightly toasted brioche bun, topped with pickled red onion, leaf lettuce, horseradish aioli.  I really liked this.  The oyster is very fresh, well seasoned and cooked to the right doneness.  It’s light and crispy on the edges, but very moist on the inside.

These people put quite a lot of love in their food, and it shows.  I would get the oyster po’boy again without a second thought.

Sliders on Urbanspoon


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