Restaurant review: Ask for Luigi


We decided to try Ask For Luigi, after some considerable buzz, online and from word of mouth.


We arrived mid day on the weekend. It was a near full-house, and we got one of the last tables in the room.
Being a mid day on the weekend, the brunch menu was out. While they have some “brunchy” menu options like waffles, fritatta, and pork belly with eggs on polenta, this place is known for its pasta.




My lunch companion ordered the tagliatelle alla carbonara & poached egg


I went with the pappardelle alla bolognese & fried egg.  This is fresh pappardelle noodles boiled, drained and tossed in a sauce of raw eggs, grated parmeggiano, and rendered panchetta.  This is rich, creamy and savory and the pasta was a nice aldente.  I’d had pasta carbonara just once before and found that incredibly salty (near inedible).  But this was just fine.  It was just salty enough.


This is freshly made broad pasta noodles tossed with bolognese sauce and topped with a soft fried egg and fine grated grana padano.  The bolognese is a rich meat sauce, with the bold flavor of red wine and tomato paste.  The pasta was aldente. The fried egg on top, once cut, oozed a little yolk over the pasta, which I mixed in for a little extra richness and creaminess.

Our server was very pleasant and inobtrusive. Although, if I may be nitpicky, I found it odd that the servers did not wear anything that resembled a uniform.  No apron, no “Ask for Luigi” logo-ed clothing.  When I entered the restaurant, waiting to be seated, I wasn’t sure who the servers were, and who the customers were.

The room is somewhat cramped but clean, with warm wood tones.

This was an excellent pasta meal and fair price.

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