Takeout review: R & H Chinese Food


During a day of boxing day shopping at Lansdowne Shopping Center, we decided to grab lunch at out a Shanghainese place in the mall food court. A place like “R & H Chinese Food” would look completely ordinary in an asian mall like Aberdeen or Parker Place, but it stands out in Lansdowne.

We placed our order, and received it about 10 minutes later.



We started with the xiao lung bao.



For the uninitiated, these dumplings are a wheat flour wrapper, filled with minced pork and aspic, seasoned with salt, sugar, white pepper, rice wine soy, and ginger. They are steamed gently until the filling is cooked, and the aspic turns to a soupy consistency.  It’s served with a small bowl (in this case, a styrofoam container) of chinese black vinegar as a dipping sauce.

These were very good.  The wrappers are thin but strong enough to contain the contents of the dumpling without bursting prematurely.  The filling was slightly sweet and savory, with a definite ginger accent.

This is the serving of green onion pancakes.


The name is a little bit of a misnomer.  They’re not pancakes, at least not the north american notion of pancakes. It’s an unleavened layered flatbread, made with wheat flour, water, oil, salt and finely minced green onions, brushed with oil and seared on a flat top grill or iron skillet on each side until crispy.  It’s then sliced into wedges and served.

It’s nice and crisp on the edges, but tender and savory in the middle layers.


These are pot stickers.  They are dumplings filled with minced pork (and sometimes minced shrimp), and either shredded napa cabbage or bakchoy, seasoned with salt, white pepper, sesame oil, soy and ginger.  It’s steamed initially, then pan seared in oil until crispy on one side, then served.

The filling, at first taste, is very similar to the xlbs, but less gingery and less soupy, and with addition of the napa cabbage.  The seasoning was good, but I felt like it lacked something, although I can’t quite put my finger on it.  The filling is a little bit on the thick side, but not objectionable.

Won’t comment on the service nor ambiance, since this is a take out place.

One word of caution, since everything is made-to-order, there is a wait, the customer is issued an plastic card with the order number on it.  The person running the cash register calls out the order number when it’s ready.  If the food court is busy, you will only hear it if you are very close by.

R&H Chinese Food 正点 on Urbanspoon

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