Restaurant review: Pho Hai Phong


On a rather cool and wet evening, not in the mood to do any cooking, we went instead to Pho Hai Luong on Kingsway (they have a second location on Keefer Place, in the round about near the Chinatown skytrain station).

Cold weather seems like the ideal time for a warm bowl of pho.


I ordered the rare beef and (cooked) brisket.


This is a large bowl of rice vermicelli noodles, bathed in beef broth (prepared with roasted onions and roasted ginger, anise and cinnamon, seasoned with fish sauce), garnished with scallions and thinly sliced white onions.  It’s served with fresh blanched bean sprouts, and southeast asian basil.

My dinner companion ordered the grilled lemon grass pork, with fried egg on broken rice.

This is two thin pork chops marinated in lemon grass, grilled and served over broken rice,  with a salad of lettuce greens, pickled diakon radish, carrots and sliced cucumber.  It comes with a small dish of nuoc cham dipping sauce.  This was pretty good.  The grilled pork was cooked to the right doneness.  It had a nice char, but was still moist, and good flavor.  The egg adds some nice richness, offset by the tangy pickled shredded diakon.

We also ordered a small plate of garlic butter chicken wings.



This is a plate of half a dozen chicken wings, dusted in seasoned flour and quickly deep-fried.  It’s then stir fried quickly in minced garlic and scallions, then served.  Its accompanied by a small dish of lemon pepper sauce.  These are pretty good, but still falling short of the benchmark (that being Phnom Phen restaurant in Chinatown).

The room is quite large, and functional, but a little tired and need of a refresh.

The service is pretty minimal, but at the standard I expect of most asian restaurants (efficient and in obtrusive, but otherwise invisible).

Hai Phong Vietnamese Restaurant 海豐越南美食 on Urbanspoon

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