Restaurant review: Kitsilano Daily Kitchen


I’d been meaning to try Kits Daily for years, since they opened in 2010.  When I saw a “groupon” deal for Kits Daily (actually I think it was Travelzoo), I grabbed it.

I made reservations for a Tuesday evening, and were seated immediately upon arrival.

The room has a minimalist elegance, with some nice chalk art on the walls.


Kits Daily is farm-to-table west coast cuisine with a menu changes daily depending on what the chef procures each morning.


After ordering, we received a complimentary serving of fresh bread.  This is a nice crusty bread with a soft tender crumb.  It comes with a small dish of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.


Our appetizer came first.  This lamb sweetbreads and a ragout of chanterelle mushrooms with a poached egg.


I’d never had sweetbread before, so this was part experimentation.  My first impression is that the sweetbreads, themselves have a very mild flavor… most of the flavor from this dish comes from the slow cooked chanterelles, which have a rich meaty slightly spicy flavor.  The poached egg provides some rich creaminess.

My entrée was a unilaterally seared haida gwaii coho salmon.


This is a fillet of coho salmon, seared on one side until crispy, served on bed of celeriac butter, kalamata olives, rapini, spanish chorizo sausage, and baby potatoes.  I liked the salmon.  It was crispy on the bottom and medium-rare on the top, buttery smooth and went well with the celeriac puree.  The chorizo provides a spicy meaty kick.  I’m not a fan of olives and now I’m not a fan of rapini… the bitterness doesn’t do it for me.

My dinner companion had the peace country bison bavette.



This is a bison flank steak, grilled to a medium rare, sliced and served over polenta and tomato coulis, with roasted brussel sprouts.

This was exceptional.  The bison is lean, but not the least bit dry or tough.  It was tender and savory, and seasoned perfectly.  The polenta is creamy and smooth, and accented with the tomato coulis.  I’m not usually a fan of brussel sprouts, but these were very good.  They were tender and earthy.

This was followed by dessert consisting of crepes with blackberry coulis and chocolate sauce.



These were tender and lightly sweet crepes, freshly made, with a dark rich chocolate sauce, and a tart blackberry coulis, along with some fresh strawberries and raspberries.

Our server was exemplary: charming, pleasant, and patiently explaining the menu for us.

The room is simple and elegant, with a zen like minimalist aesthetic.

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