Restaurant review: McCormick & Schmick’s Grille


Walking through the (rather moribund and desolate) Anaheim Garden Walk Shopping Plaza, we wandered across Cheesecake Factory and McCormick and Schmick’s. The line up at Cheesecake Factory was quite long, and since we’d tried it before, we opted for McCormicks instead.

McCormick and Schmick’s is a chain of seafood & steak restaurants based out of Portland, Oregon.



We were seated immediately upon arrival.

While the menu has a variety of offerings, seafood is the emphasis.  We went for the power lunch specials.



The space is large and bright, with warm colors and and simple but stylish decor.


We started with the crispy fish tacos


This is a pair of soft tacos, consisting of a strip of cod, battered and deep fried, wrapped in a flour tortilla, and dressed with cilantro aioli.  It’s serve with a jicama slaw and a cup of black beans.

This was pretty good.  The fish is fresh, the batter is light and crispy without being oily.  The flour tortilla was grilled on one side to give it some texture.

I’ve never been a fan of black beans, so it didn’t make an impression upon me.

This was followed by crispy cod sandwich


This is two battered deep fried cod sticks (much like the ones in the taco), served on a toasted bun, garnished with lettuce and coleslaw, and dressed with malt vinegar aioli.  It has fresh crispy french fries on the side.

The sandwich was really good.  I preferred it over the tacos.  Even though it’s the same fish, I preferred the malt vinegar aioli and the coleslaw over the jicama slaw in the taco.

The french fries were pretty good: crisp, lightly salted.

In hindsight, I probably should have ordered something with a different profile, since the tacos and the sandwich both featured batter fried cod.

Our server was quite exemplary:  pleasant, friendly, patiently explaining the menu items, checking in on us periodically throughout the meal.

McCormick & Schmick's Grille on Urbanspoon


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