Restaurant review: Tour de Feast


Upon the recommendation from my lunch companion, we took a drive out to North Vancouver to patronize Tour de Feast.  This is a small french bistro situated in a light industrial area.


The menu consists of salads, sandwiches, omelets, and heartier meals of cassoulet, steak, braised meats, and seafood.

I ordered a feature lunch special, which took the form of a soup and sandwich.  The soup came as a house made tomato soup



This is a creamy but still light tomato soup with a good flavor and seasoning, and a light fruity aroma from the drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

We shared an order of the alsatian onion tart.



This is sautéed onions in a rich white cheese sauce, with chunks of cured bacon, baked in a pastry crust, served with a swipe of pistou (a Provencal cousin of “pesto”), and a side green salad. This was a splendid tart.  The white cheese sauce with the onions and bacon was rich and savory and intensely flavorful.  This was offset with the herby pistou, and the crisp tartness of the green salad.

The other half of my lunch consisted of a confit pork sandwich served with a green salad.



This is pork simmered in its own fat at low temperature, dressed with herbs and served on a split panini roll with a side green salad.  This is reminiscent of a pulled pork sandwich, but more subtle.  The flavors are subdued, lightly sweet, and herby, with good pork flavor and spot on seasoning.

My lunch companion ordered the braised short rib sandwich



This is braised short rib, sliced thick, and served on a split hoagie with sautéed onions & mushrooms and a truffle infused mayonnaise.   This is a substantive sandwich with a generous serving of tender braised short rib, smothered in a savoury mayo/sauce.

This was a good meal at a very reasonable price.  It probably warrants a second visit, on the odd occasion when I venture over to the east side of North Vancouver.  Or perhaps a visit to their second location in West Point Grey (opened just a few months ago).

Our server was pleasant and friendly.

The room is small, functional and very minimalist.

Tour de Feast on Urbanspoon


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